RALEIGH, NC and WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - May 31, 2011) - Peopleclick Authoria -- offering a unique combination of best-of-breed suite solutions for Talent Management, Vendor Management and Workforce Compliance and Diversity, today announced the availability of CAAMS, version 4.2, the company's latest Compliance and Diversity product release. With this announcement, Peopleclick Authoria delivers graphical workforce views and customized reporting with an industry-first dashboard capability. By delivering a more dynamic and comprehensive approach to diversity planning and tracking, Peopleclick Authoria is helping Human Resource managers more effectively balance and optimize their workforce while meeting rapidly evolving Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements.

With the new release of CAAMS 4.2, HR professionals and management gain unprecedented visibility across the total workforce to examine talent balance and productive collaboration among teams, departments and even locations. Typically, Affirmative Action Planning software generates tabulated reports, which are rigidly defined by geography. With CAAMS 4.2, organizations are now able to view their workforces as they are managed -- by department, by subsidiary or by geography. Through a range of customizable reports and with the ability to import a broad array of relevant comparisons -- including benchmark data, Census Bureau reports and other industry-based information -- Peopleclick Authoria's breakthrough solution delivers an intelligent view of all employment decisions across the entire organization. In addition, the software allows users to set their own risk thresholds to trigger dynamic reporting that flags potential issues.

"In today's environment, HR professionals at all levels are challenged to reinvent their strategy in managing their workforce metrics," said Randy Jesberg, senior vice president and general manager of the Workforce Compliance and Diversity division of Peopleclick Authoria. "Whether an organization is required to have an Affirmative Action Program or chooses to build a diverse, inclusive workforce, CAAMS 4.2 progresses beyond equal and fair employment practices. It provides a clear view of the workforce at every level of the organization, helping managers make healthier HR decisions that align with the organizational goals."

With a record 99,922 EEOC claims in 2010, the importance of the human resources role has escalated within organizations and expectations for appropriate management have increased. As EEO infractions carry increasingly significant financial consequences, meeting appropriate requirements for equal opportunity employment has become a top priority. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) -- the federal agency that enforces the contractual promise of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity required of federal contractors -- completed 4,960 compliance evaluations during 2010 with many cases still being processed for determination.

With a comprehensive view of the organization's HR practices, management dashboards and built-in business intelligence capabilities, CAAMS 4.2 contains a number of the following customer-centric enhancements:

  • The TotalView technology gives managers and supervisors a clear view of critical workforce metrics both across and up and down the organization, up to 10 levels. Users can easily track workforce compliance or diversity trends and progress toward goals over time.

  • Plan Dashboard delivers a quick view of the diverse representation of an organization. Users can get a summary view of all job groups at all levels within the organization as well as metrics for Problem Area Analysis, Representation vs. Goal and Overall Representation.

  • Monitor Dashboard provides a quick, visual overview of Progress to Goals, Applicant Flow and areas of adverse impact at all levels of the organization for a monitoring period. Managers can easily direct or course correct critical hiring, promotion and termination decisions.

  • Risk Dashboard offers a visual overview of potential risks within an Affirmative Action Plan or diversity plan. Indicators identify progress to goals or adverse impact. Managers can proactively redirect resources to help meet plan goals and avoid audit violations.

CAAMS 4.2 delivers an actionable intelligent view of the organization's workforce to meet EEO requirements or diversity initiatives. This leading-edge technology simplifies data entry and validation, producing multiple plans and reports concurrently, and allowing more frequent monitoring of HR practices by department, team, individual or any management structure. Building on Peopleclick Authoria's strength in workforce analytics and on the company's unique expertise in achieving productivity with compliance, the new CAAMS 4.2 dashboards efficiently advise management of program effectiveness, enabling immediate action by the right people, at the right time for a diverse, inclusive workforce, while helping to ensure that federal requirements are met.

To learn more about CAAMS 4.2, visit www.peopleclickauthoria.com.

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