DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - May 31, 2011) - According to a recent interview on Industry Visions, loading dock trailer restraint systems are a critical component to abate the growing number of loading dock disasters. Alarming accident statics are common around loading dock activities that do not have trailer restraint systems in place.

This major gap in safety has become a growing concern for industrial plant safety managers across America. "The very nature of shipping and receiving activity on loading docks can be a recipe for calamity," said Bill Reitmeyer of the ABC Docks Company in a recent appearance on the Industry Visions Open Door Show.

"The Open Door Show is an in-depth look at issues surrounding the door industry that airs from WVSN radio. There is an urgent opportunity that door dealers are responding to at loading docks around the nation. Trailer restraints are in great demand, and it's the door dealers that can benefit by adding this critical safety component to their product line. Since most door dealers distribute everything for the loading dock customer, they should be aware of the opportunity that trailer restraints present for safety and added income to a dealer. Door dealers understand the very nature of commercial and industrial loading docks since they are the front line contact with the owners who are most at risk.

"Trucks are being loaded or unloaded with fork trucks simultaneously, and there is usually not much organization in the process which adds to the dangers. Today everybody is in a hurry and safety measures are neglected. When you stop to think about it if there are no trailer restraints to keep that trailer from moving, everyone's safety is dependent on a truck driver that is totally a human interface with safety systems. What if he forgets to set the truck brakes properly, or does not block wheels on the trailer? What happens if the trailer rolls forward, or if the driver prematurely pulls away? You have tragedy in an instant and a huge lawsuit.

"I have seen firsthand a serious injury accident when a fork truck driver was pinned between the loading dock and a truck trailer because the trailer was not secured. Here was a healthy, productive young man disabled for life in the blink of an eye. If there is anything that industry will take away from this radio interview, it is that loading docks without trailer restraints are a clear and present danger for injury and catastrophic liability.

"Local industrial door dealers can easily become familiar with all the necessary trailer restraint safety features. These systems require no maintenance, and their constant upward pressure ensures continuous engagement. The non-impact design avoids damage to trucks during docking. Everything is electric, automatic, safe and secure. We want door dealers to know we offer full support to the ends of the earth if necessary to spread this safety message."

Bill Reitmeyer, Operations Manager of ABC Docks, will be available to discuss new distributorship opportunities for their trailer restraint systems at the International Door Association Expo booth # 604 in Indianapolis on June 2nd through the 4th. For more information about this event visit: WVSN Reports will cover the activities of the expo on The Open Door Show.

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