SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 1, 2011) - Industrial rooftop solar solutions company Chromasun announced today that the Solar Ratings & Certification Corporation ("SRCC") has officially rated the Chromasun MCT panel as the highest temperature solar collector ever tested.

"Chromasun MCT panel testing was carried out at a record 179°C (354°F). SRCC certification now makes the MCT eligible for a range of solar thermal rebates, including the California Solar Initiative, which can yield up to $12.82 per therm," said Peter Le Lievre, founder and CEO of Chromasun. "The Chromasun MCT panel allows solar steam or pressurized hot water to be generated from solar energy on the rooftop, delivering space heating or cooling at less than the cost of traditional utility bills."

The Chromasun MCT test program involved environmental and performance testing under a range of controlled and outdoor conditions. The tests were carried out under the SRCC Standard 600 "Test Methods and Minimum Standards for Concentrating Collectors" by Pacific Energy Testing in Menlo Park. Having successfully completed these tests, the Chromasun MCT is now certified under OG-100, which is the principal rating for all solar collectors in the United States. In doing so, the product has also met the EN 12975-2 European Standard for Solar Concentrators.

The lightweight, low-profile Chromasun MCT module is a utility-scale flat-plate solar thermal collector packaged for rooftop deployment that meets solar energy cooling, space heating and hot water needs. By concentrating sunlight 20 times, the collector can consistently generate temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to efficiently boil water and transfer energy to the building even as the sun is setting. The entire optical system is enclosed within a sealed canopy to protect against the elements. The MCT has no external moving parts and its integrated racking system enables easy installation and exceptional rooftop efficiency.

MCT collectors are manufactured at a Chromasun facility in San Jose, California. The workforce at this facility includes former New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) autoworkers that were re-trained as solar manufacturing experts after the NUMMI facility closed and put back to work building Chromasun modules.

About Chromasun
Founded in 2008, Chromasun is a leading developer and manufacturer of rooftop friendly high performance solar solutions. Chromasun's unique MCT HT solar collector provides high grade thermal energy but in a familiar flat panel format with no external moving parts. The MCT HT is designed to drive high performance air-conditioning absorption chillers and other industrial process heat applications directly from sunlight. It is the most space efficient solar technology available and can produce more energy per unit of roof area than any competing technology. As a leader in the space, the Chromasun team of engineers and professionals have decades of experience in utility scale solar, air-conditioning engineering, product development and manufacturing.

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