ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwire - Jun 1, 2011) - Today GeoIQ is making it even easier to integrate SoLoMo data into the business decision-making process by adding enhanced performance and usability features to their location data management, visualization and analysis platform.

A subset of these new capabilities was made available yesterday through the launch of GeoCommons 2.0, the newest version of the community site powered by GeoIQ. See a tour of these new capabilities here.

Since the launch of GeoCommons in 2008, the site has grown to over 27,000 active users. GeoCommons has provided access to over 508,000 freely available data layers, shared over 2.5 million data sets and been used to create 9.5 million maps across the web.

"The explosion of social, local and mobile data provides an opportunity to integrate more relevant and exact information into business decision-making," said Sean Gorman, president and founder of GeoIQ. "GeoCommons 2.0 brings our rapidly-expanding community some of the most advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities, empowering it to do great things with SoLoMo data."

GeoIQ's performance and user enhancements made available in GeoCommons 2.0 include:

  • More powerful visualization engine: GeoCommons can now handle bigger data sets at an improved speed, allowing users to visualize tens of thousands of data points in seconds.
  • Cross-browser platform support: With newly added support for HTML5 and Flash, GeoCommons is supported by 99 percent of web browsers. Since GeoCommons 2.0 isn't tied to flash for visualizations, users can also leverage the site's full capabilities through an iPad interface.
  • Easier data editing: Data can now be edited, filtered and queried within the GeoCommons workflow, eliminating the need to edit data in Excel and upload multiple versions of data.
  • Revamped temporal analysis: An improved time slider aggregates time-based data automatically, enabling users to see huge data sets animate over time.
  • Custom icon-creator: Users can personalize maps with icons of their choice, including thematic maps where icons are sized by their value.
  • Multi-attribute filtering: For the first time, users can easily filter across multiple attributes to identify locations without having to write code or use a desktop GIS.

As the only platform to allow users to work with large SoLoMo data sets across mobile devices, sensors and the web, GeoIQ provides its customers and the GeoCommons community with a fast, easy way to make decisions based on relevant, real-time data. For example, GeoIQ's ability to process large climate sensor data sets on the web makes it possible for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to analyze and provide access to huge amounts of climate data online for its ClimaScope project.

GeoCommons 2.0 is available at For more information on GeoIQ, please visit

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