HONG KONG--(Marketwire - Jun 1, 2011) - A8 Digital Music Holdings Limited ("A8 Music" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00800), a leading integrated digital music company in China has been incorporated in the Guangdong National Music Industrial Base.

Attending as a corporate "cultural and technologies" model in the 7th China International Cultural Fair which opened on May 13 in Shenzhen, China, China's biggest digital music company A8 Music showcased its "Music Cloud Technology" in the seventh exhibition hall. A8 Music also unveiled a signage presenting the "Guangdong National Music Industrial Base - Digital Music Industry Park" with Mr. Jiang Jianguo, Vice Bureau Chief of General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China (GAPP) along with other leading figures in the Guangdong Press and Publication Bureau.

In the ceremony, Mr. Jiang Jianguo, Vice Bureau Chief of GAPP commented highly on A8 Music's achievements and contributions. The event was highlighted by Mr. Jiang Jianguo's reading of Guangdong Press and Publication Bureau's approval of incorporating A8 Music as the operator of the "Guangdong National Music Industrial Base - Digital Music Industry Park," which marks the official announcement of the industry park as the core infrastructure of the Guangdong National Music Industrial Base. The signage unveiling ceremony thus became a landmark event in China's music and technology industries.

Mr. Liu Xiaosong, Chairman and CEO of A8 Music, commented that after eleven years of its exploration in music since May 2000, A8 Music has been named among its many achievements as state-level high-tech enterprise, major cultural enterprise in the city of Shenzhen, cultural industrial base in Shenzhen, leading self-innovating Shenzhen enterprise and Shenzhen Municipal Culture's technology demonstration enterprise. The company also ranked No.1 in terms of revenue as a digital music company in the digital entertainment industry and is the first company in China listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a digital music-related concept stock. A revolutionizing force in the China music industry, A8 Music has reinvented the business landscape of its industry. Distributing over 10,000 UGC (User Generated Content) songs digitally per year, A8 Music boosted the scope of China's original music creation by 100 times, making it a renowned contributor to the development of China's digital music and originality in music creation.

Continuing its efforts in supporting original music creation, A8 Music now focuses on the technology and services in digital music which includes college-based projects serving as platforms for young music talents. The fast-growing "Music Cloud Technology" from A8 Music's newest advancement in internet music allows users to retrieve and search for their favorite music online through multi-platforms and multi-devices. In addition, users can enjoy digital music services such as smart radio and music communities across a number of devices. The intelligent car-enabled technology featured in the 7th China International Cultural Fair even takes "Music Cloud Technology" on board vehicles, making people enjoy their personalized music at any place.

Serving as the core unit of the Guangdong National Music Industrial Base, A8 Music Plaza is situated in the southern zone of the Shenzhen Hi-tech Park and is adjacent to the World University Games Shenzhen Center stadium, which is a mere eight-minute car ride from Futian's Central Business District. The park, comprising a construction area of 52,000 square meters and stands at 100 meters, will serve as a venue for digital music creation, collection, production, distribution, performances, exhibition, trading as well as research and development among other functions. Through integration of resources, the hub contributes to nurture music talents and aims to become Shenzhen's new cultural communication and consumption center.

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A8 Music is a leading digital music company that sources music content from its highly successful interactive UGC platform www.a8.com, as well as from international and domestic record labels; promotes music content through traditional and new media such as mobile operators, internet and wireless network, and sells music content in the form of ringtone, ring-back tone, full track song and interactive voice response. Led by a team of experienced top executives with foresight and vision, the Group is able to capitalise on its integrated marketing and sales multi-channel network to acquire insights into consumer preferences in different regions and thus customize its marketing strategies. The Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2008. In 2009, the Group was awarded "Gold Winner of The Asset Corporate Award 2009" and selected as "Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific."

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