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Canada's most deliciously decadent, and celebrated sandwich is back. After much anticipation, Double Down will begin appearing at KFC restaurants across Canada, starting on June 1st and will remain available while supplies last.

"Canadians have been craving the premium, meaty, satisfying taste of Double Down for months," explains David Vivenes, Senior Marketing Director, Yum! Restaurants Canada, which owns the KFC brand in Canada. "So, we had a word with the Colonel and the wait is finally over. We're officially bringing Double Down back for a limited time this summer, starting today."

When it launched in Canada for a limited time last fall, Canadians embraced the bunless wonder with enthusiastic glee. In fact, more than 1 million Canadian chicken connoisseurs Doubled Down during the five weeks the sandwich was available – and Double Down was named KFC Canada's best-selling new item ever.

KFC Canada Takes Sodium Levels Down

The KFC Canada Double Down still boasts two premium, juicy pieces of seasoned Original Recipe chicken, two pieces of bacon, two pieces of processed Pepper Jack cheese and the Colonel's Secret Sauce. The Double Down actually has similar or better nutritional numbers to many deluxe burgers, subs and restaurant-style sandwiches.

In a new twist, KFC Canada chefs have trimmed the sodium slightly (by about 10 per cent) while still maintaining its trademark taste. Vivenes says the change is part of a company-wide initiative which has reduced sodium levels across the entire KFC menu by an average 20 per cent in the past year.

"KFC fans told us they loved Double Down and they wanted it back in all its delicious glory – and they also asked us to keep all the indulgent flavour and reduce the sodium a little. We listened. And, we can't wait to see how everyone enjoys the new recipe that's available only in Canada," he says, adding that though its legend looms large, the KFC Double Down actually has less fat and calories than many deluxe burgers and subs.

Vivenes says there are still no plans to make Double Down a permanent menu item, as Canadians have indicated that they enjoy it best as a special, limited time addition to the current range of flavourful and innovative options at KFC.

About KFC Canada

KFC is Canada's largest quick service restaurant brand with more than 700 KFC restaurants across Canada.

Since it was founded in Canada in the early 50s, KFC cooks have been freshly preparing and hand-breading our famed, irresistible Original Recipe chicken every day. KFC uses only trans fat free cooking oils – and offers a delicious range of family meals and premium sandwiches, including Double Down.

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