Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront Features New Eco-Friendly Green Wall in Sky Lobby

Ambius Engaged to Create Stunning Green Wall

BUFFALO GROVE, IL--(Marketwire - Jun 7, 2011) - Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront, which is situated in the heart of bustling downtown, unveils the largest indoor living green wall in Chicago which provides a strong visual statement that demonstrates Hilton Worldwides' commitment to green efforts with all of their brands. This 720 square foot eco-friendly living wall in the hotel's sky lobby was installed by Ambius, www.ambius.com, a division of Rentokil Initial plc (LSE: RTO) and the leading provider of interior landscaping solutions. This green wall system, which was manufactured by GSky Plant Systems, employs a tray system featuring an energy efficient computer controlled irrigation system. A green wall, which is also referred to as a living wall or vertical garden, is a wall that is free standing or part of a building that is partially or completely covered with a vegetation facade.

"The living wall is planted with 3,840 plants which represent six species," says Denise Eichmann, Ambius Project Development North America Senior Project Manager. "Featured plants include the hardy neon and golden pothos, the showy and delicate rabbit foot fern, richly colored rex begonia and the compact round arboricola."

Syed Hasan, General Manager for Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront, said, "Not only is our green wall beautiful to behold but it actively improves the lifestyle of people in urban environments as the average person spends a majority of their time indoors. Our green wall also assists in reducing noise levels as plants absorb sound and improve energy efficiency by moderating indoor temperatures and humidity levels."

"This green wall provides clean oxygen indoors, equivalent to 16 fourteen-foot-tall trees," adds Eichmann.

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Ambius offers a full spectrum of services to enhance the interior space for the hospitality, healthcare, retail, and commercial industries. Services include ambient scenting, interior landscaping, holiday décor, decorative wall art and fresh fruit and flower deliveries to businesses in 18 countries in Europe, North America, South Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Ambius is a division of Rentokil Initial plc (LSE: RTO). For more information, visit the new Ambius website at www.ambius.com.

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Living wall at Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront