MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Jun 21, 2011) - At Collaborate 2011, Jobs2web's second annual Users Conference, Chief Executive Officer Ken Holec announced the release of version 3.0 of the company's Recruitment Marketing Platform. The Recruitment Marketing Platform (RMP) is Jobs2web's industry leading platform that helps recruiters measure and optimize their interactive recruitment marketing. Version 3.0 is a significant release in the evolution of Interactive Recruitment Marketing.

Specifically devoted to improving how Recruiting Intelligence is used in Talent Acquisition, this release focuses on the recruiter and their experience with Jobs2web's award-winning Recruiting Dashboard™. Version 3.0 introduces the recruiter to a new Source Report powered by Jobs2web's Advanced Analytics engine. This new view, deep into the multi-dimensional data mart that supports Advanced Analytics, gives recruiters a more intimate view of the performance of different sources. The new report provides drill-down by source and source type and gives the user advanced charting features to help analyze traffic, apply starts and conversion rates. Additionally, trend charts can be generated on the fly to determine how sources perform over time. Each source trend can overlay on another source trend to contrast and compare performance.

"Adopted by more than 25% of our clients in the past year, Advanced Analytics has created a lot of excitement among our clients and the industry. It combines source, visitor and candidate data with Source Cost and Hire Data, giving recruiters a true line of sight across the talent supply chain," said Ken Holec, CEO of Jobs2web. "In Version 3.0, we wanted all of our clients to benefit from this ground-breaking analytics capability by giving them access to basic visitor, candidate and source performance data from this sophisticated analytics engine."

The recruiter experience paradigm also changes in Version 3.0 with the addition of Recruiter Alerts. Rather than going to the Dashboard to mine opportunities and next actions, now the Recruiting Dashboard can dynamically send email alerts to individual recruiters when action needs to be taken on a recruiting or candidate opportunity. With this enhancement, recruiters can customize their own alert criteria and frequency, and have emails with deep links back to the individual candidates sent to them on a regular basis.

"Our most successful clients use recruiting intelligence derived from the Recruiting Dashboard to drive decisions and recruiting success. Being able to alert a recruiter to an important candidate event in their Dashboard may sound easy, but it's revolutionary," shared Holec. "Now the dashboard will talk to you, and all clients new and old will immediately start leveraging the power of the Recruiting Dashboard at a level that's appropriate for them."

The last set of enhancements further improves the tools used by Jobs2web Recruiting Dashboard users every day.

  • URL Builder - This tool allows the recruiter to take a job and quickly generate the proper formatted URL so that a link used in support of a particular campaign has the proper tracking embedded in the URL.
  • RSS Feed Generator - This common method of pushing jobs out to various sources was enhanced with more controls over how the RSS feed will behave and appear.

Version 3.0 is immediately available and is in use today. The RMP and all of Jobs2web's products and services are being showcased at Jobs2web's User Conference - Collaborate 2011. At the event, clients and guests will be able to attend breakout sessions on key topics delivered by clients, Industry Experts and Jobs2web staffers. Collaborate attendees can experience Version 3.0 by visiting the Jobs2web "Geek Bar" located at the conference where experts will be on hand to walk clients through these enhancements and any other topics of interest.

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