SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 29, 2011) - PeopleBrowsr, the leading provider of social media marketing analytics for brands, today released PeopleBrowsr Platform 3, bringing Google-like technology to real-time social search. It's the only social Platform with 1,000 days of Twitter data, in-stream analytics and cross-network search, built to help marketers find hyper-targeted audiences for instant community engagement. Currently used by Kodak, SAP, FOX and EuroRSCG, a free trial of PeopleBrowsr Platform 3 is now available at

To meet PeopleBrowsr's global growth, former Visible Technologies executive Andrew Grill was appointed as UK CEO earlier this month. In celebration of its European expansion and Platform 3, the company is hosting an official launch event at The Hospital Club in London on June 29th. Both Founder Jodee Rich and UK CEO Andrew Grill will be showcasing PeopleBrowsr Platform 3 to the 250 invited guests from leading advertising agencies, PR companies, industry influencers and thought leaders attending the launch.

"Social Media is the UK's biggest traffic driver, according to recent reports by Experian Hitwise," says Grill, former Head of International Client Strategy for competitor Visible Technologies. "PeopleBrowsr's technologies surpass anything currently available on the market for tracking and managing brand engagement, and leveraging conversations taking place across social networks."

Setting it apart from other social media platforms, PeopleBrowsr offers the ability to search and filter 1,000 days of conversations for reaching highly targeted demographics. Data is intelligently indexed by keyword, bio profile, location, sentiment, gender, influence and authority to form interest-based communities. Deep analytics appear in the real-time stream for comprehensive tracking of Post Effect, including ReTweets, new follower counts and link click-through rates.

The Platform 3 provides instant analytics and deep search for the purpose of real-time engagement across social networks, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn. The company has three successful products currently on the market --, for real-time social search, Viral Analytics, for in-depth historical tracking and instant trends and the Engagement Centre, for cross-network team collaboration -- which have been enhanced and combined to create the cutting-edge PeopleBrowsr Platform 3.

Jeff Hazylett, best-selling author and former CMO of Kodak, has said, "PeopleBrowsr's Platform 3 will revolutionise how marketing teams manage inbound and outbound leads from conversations on the social web." PeopleBrowsr makes it easy for team collaboration by assigning posts, tagging users and scheduling responses on a calendar.

PeopleBrowsr also has custom enterprise packages for clients, such as EuroRSCG, SAP and Kodak.

For more information about the PeopleBrowsr Platform 3 and the company's plans for European expansion, please email

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PeopleBrowsr is a high-tech social analytics company passionate about marketing, providing social media brand engagement, data mining intelligence and sophisticated social search. Founded in 2007, PeopleBrowsr is a global industry leader in the social media revolution, building advanced conversation technology to assemble the collective intelligence. The PeopleBrowsr Platform includes, Viral Analytics and the Engagement Centre. Enterprise Services are available in customised offerings.

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