LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 30, 2011) - Paperlinks, the premier QR code platform for creating a hyperlinked world, announced today that the food and beverage industry has adopted Paperlinks QR codes to provide customers with relevant digital content and features that may be accessed via their smartphones. Restaurateurs and wineries alike have adopted QR codes to heighten the fine dining experience and increase brand recall.

Los Angeles-based restaurant Ayara Thai Cuisine and Hollywood's first gastropub, BoHo Restaurant, are among the restaurants currently displaying Paperlinks QR codes on their menus. Diners can scan the QR codes to access additional information about the restaurant, save the restaurant contact info to their phone, and learn more about each dish. Wineries are also adopting Paperlinks QR codes as a way to provide consumers with additional wine information such as wine notes and food pairings. Both Dallas-based Sacre Bleu and New York-based Garnet Wines have adopted the codes directly on their wine labels while Wine Sisterhood has implemented the codes in their promotional materials.

"People use their phones for just about everything these days, and the explosion of food related apps has allowed consumers to learn about and share their culinary experiences wherever they are," said Vanda Asapahu of Ayara Thai Cuisine in Los Angeles. "As a restaurant owner, having a website is no longer enough to connect with our customers, and that's where QR codes come in. Patrons can simply scan our Paperlinks designer QR code with their phones and immediately access anything from hours of operation to videos and photos of suggested dishes and specials. Additionally we can give customers the option to quickly share their dining experience via services such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp and even reward them with coupons. Now we can finally offer our diners the full service experience within a small business budget."

"In businesses where subtle differences mean success, QR codes can provide a strong edge. They're not only memorable at first glance, but can also provide customers with valuable information that can't be placed on a label or store front," said Galen Stuwe, President at Sacre Bleu. "For us, the QR code functions like a digital sommelier, giving customers valuable insight about grape varietals, wine pairings, or flavor palates. All in all, it's a powerful tool for promoting one's brand and maintaining a conversation with customers and fans with ease."

"As a wine company known for social media innovation, QR codes allow us to maintain a custom mobile portal that keeps users informed and up-to-date on the latest news about our wines," said Terry Wheatley, Wine Sisterhood Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "We were looking for a way to make it simple to discover our new Drink-U-Lator app. The 'Download feature' available on Paperlinks' platform takes our fans there with ease."

"At Paperlinks, we work with organizations large and small across many industries; however, the goal for each company is the same -- to provide customers with added value beyond the everyday experience," said Hamilton Chan, CEO and Founder of Paperlinks. "For restaurants and wineries, our QR code platform and app offer the ability to heighten the dining experience with useful digital content -- be it videos of a special dish being made, additional wine descriptions, or an exclusive promotional offer. It's now table stakes for all businesses to have a mobile presence, and the QR code is an essential way for owners to move ahead of the pack by offering real value to their diners."

Organizations of all sizes have selected Paperlinks to help them easily connect with audiences on a new level by creating interactive mobile content that employs Paperlinks' complete, end-to-end platform and smartphone app. Businesses can create their own QR code campaign in minutes by visiting www.paperlinks.com. The website allows organizations to affordably create their own mobile landing pages, customized with a number of easy-to-deploy interactive modules. Each module can be updated at any time, with changes reflected in real-time. The drag-and-drop interface makes setting up a Paperlink a snap.

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