LA JOLLA, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 6, 2011) - ActivX Biosciences, Inc. announced today the publication of "In Situ Kinase Profiling Reveals Functionally Relevant Properties of Native Kinases" in the current issue of Chemistry & Biology (18, 699-710). The peer-reviewed article highlights the company's KiNativ™ technology, a proprietary chemoproteomic platform that can interrogate native protein and lipid kinases and other ATP binding proteins in cellular context from any tissue and from any species.

In an accompanying Preview article titled, "Going KiNativ: Probing the Native Kinome," the reviewers noted that: "Overall there are many notable advantages to the KiNativ approach. The most significant of these is the ability to profile kinome responses of native endogenous kinases and to obtain information regarding the true binding properties of kinase inhibitors in a cellular context."

The reviewers concluded that "... by demonstrating that for several inhibitors the binding profiles closely corresponded to their cellular activity, it is evident that KiNativ represents a significant advance over kinome and kinase inhibitor profiling that relies exclusively on the analysis of purified components. Given the utility of kinase inhibitors as research tools and promising agents for molecular-targeted therapy, the opportunity to characterize their interactions with native endogenous kinases undoubtedly represents a significant step forward."

"KiNativ™ by ActivX has been 10 years in the making. We believe it is a breakthrough platform for evaluating and understanding protein kinases and kinase inhibitors in complex proteomes. We are pleased that the scientific community is increasingly appreciating the importance of KiNativ™ and its value for kinase biology and new drugs that affect this important enzyme family," said Dr. John W. Kozarich, Chairman and President of ActivX.

ActivX currently is working with over 40 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are accessing the Company's technologies. To learn more about KiNativ™ and its applications, go to or call ActivX Biosciences at 858 526-2515.

ActivX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Besides the development of the KiNativ™ platform, ActivX Biosciences and Kyorin Pharmaceutical are developing novel therapeutics for respiratory and metabolic diseases, along with early drug discovery efforts in oncology.

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