VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 7, 2011) -

Registration is now open for Silver Summit 2011, the two-day "everything silver" conference presented by Cambridge House International October 20-21 at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington and described by Pan American Silver founder Ross Beaty as "the best silver conference in the world."

Experts in all aspects of silver mining, silver investing, silver exploration, and silver in industrial, medical and monetary applications will address this 9th annual Silver Summit. Joining them will be more than 70 silver companies and an audience of 1,000 from the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia and Australia.

On the speaker's rostrum will be such silver luminaries as Jeff Berwick, founder of and now publisher of the Dollar Vigilante; David Morgan, the Morgan Report; Bix Weir, the Road to Roota; Jeff Christian, the CPM Group; Louis James, Casey Research; Bill Murphy, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, Earl Bennett, Dean Emeritus of the Idaho College of Mines, and; Jon Nadler, Kitco Metals, Inc. Other newsletter writers presenting will include Greg McCoach, the Mining Speculator; James West, the Midas Letter; Roger Wiegand, Trader Tracks, and; John Kaiser, the Bottom Fish Report.

Shauna Hillman, co-founder and director of the Silver Summit, said, "The Silver Summit is not just educational and profitable for our guests, it's also fun. This year we'll again offer optional underground and surface tours of real, operating silver mines in northern Idaho's Silver Valley, plenty of give-and-take between bulls and bears, cutting-edge information about silver, and the fellowship of silver bulls getting together from around the world. Friendships are made, private placements are done, and the CEOs of our silver companies will be on hand to meet one-on-one with their shareholders, current and prospective."

Returning Silver Summit attendees should ensure that they are registered through the Cambridge House website, Hillman said. Past attendees may not have been transferred to the Cambridge House database.

Attendance at this year's Silver Summit costs $40 or 1 troy ounce of .999 silver per person. Silver Summit discounts for rooming at the historic Davenport Hotel are available only by telephoning the Davenport directly at 1.800.899.1482 and requesting same. Registration may be accomplished on-line at the Cambridge House International website, or by telephoning the Silver Summit office at 208.556.1621.

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Shauna Hillman