AJAX, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 14, 2011) - Environmental Waste International Inc. (EWS) (TSX VENTURE:EWS) announced that the TR900 Pilot Plant (TR900) has successfully completed a major milestone. Recent testing of the TR900 resulted in the processing of 20 tires and fully met EWS' expectations. This test demonstrated the technical viability of a production scaled TR900 system.

The TR900 was able to process tires and successfully separated the majority of the steel, recycled carbon, oil and hydrocarbon gases. The goal of this first processing was to validate the system's design and the EWS Reverse Polymerization(TM) process. This goal was achieved.

EWS is testing samples of the recovered products to analyze their composition, to determine the efficiency of the separation process and to identify future improvements to the system. The Company is continuing to work on system programming and adjustments as it moves towards the next production milestone of using the tire gas to fuel the power generation system. EWS is also focused on completing the work required to allow for continuous operation of the TR900 for extended periods of time.

EWS has also designed processors for the environmentally safe sterilization and disposal of medical, biological, liquid and food waste and for the recovery of usable byproducts from other organic sources. EWS continues to explore other applications for its technology. Please visit the EWS webpage on the Internet at: www.ewmc.com for additional information.

WARNING: The Company relies upon litigation protection for "forward– looking" statements.

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