TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 15, 2011) - The Local Content Assurance Bureau Inc. ("LCAB") announced today that it has issued a CORE certification to hb Solar Canada ("hb Solar") for the production of its Scirocco flat roof systems. This comes after a rigorous and independent review of hb Solar's supply chain, manufacturing facilities and products. The CORE certification demonstrates that the Scirocoo flat roof system is produced in compliance with its domestic content requirements.

LCAB's Contributor to Ontario Renewable Energy Program (CORE Program) is an industry led, voluntary certification process developed to help Ontario manufacturers, suppliers, professional services firms, and individuals meet domestic content requirements set out by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in the OPA's Feed-In Tariff Program (FIT Program).

This CORE certification required a detailed onsite review of hb Solar's supply-chain, sub-contractor operations and production facilities in order to verify a wide variety of aspects of hb Solar's production practices, capacity, documentation and techniques. Based on this detailed review and further analysis, LCAB can say with confidence that hb Solar's products fulfill, in our opinion, the domestic content requirements set forth in the FIT Program, specifically with regards to activity 6 of Table 2 and Table 4.

"We are delighted to issue a CORE Certification to hb Solar," said Etienne Lecompte, Managing Director of LCAB. "hb Solar has gone to great lengths to maximize the domestic content of their operations and stimulate the local economy . We strongly support the Feed in Tariff Program which has created great incentives for companies like hb Solar to make substantial investments in the province of Ontario."

Ingo Wolfert, Managing Director of hb Solar said: " With the CORE certification, the Local Content Assurance Bureau ("LCAB") has developed a process that I believe will become the gold standard for domestic content certification in our solar industry. It is a comprehensive audit that provides much needed transparency about domestic content compliance for customers and, ultimately, provides assurance to the taxpayers that the Ontario economy gets maximum benefit from our Feed In Tariff program."

About Local Content Assurance Bureau Inc.

LCAB ( provides supply chain, manufacturing, and process assessments to certify that business activities are local. The company's flagship program, the CORE Program, is designed to help Ontario businesses meet domestic content requirements under the OPA's FIT Program. Note that the CORE Program is owned and managed by LCAB and is not directly affiliated with the Ontario Power Authority.

About hb Solar

hb Solar Canada Inc. , headquartered in Hornby, produces an innovative low ballast mounting system called SCIROCCO for the Canadian market . To date, hb Solar has delivered over 50 projects in Ontario with a combined capacity of over 5mWp.For further information please contact us at:

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