NORTH ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2011) - EASTPRINT Incorporated has introduced custom membrane switches that feature precise graphic icon and key ring lighting in an ultra-thin package for a wide range of OEM applications, where capacitive and mechanical switches would be too thick.

EASTPRINT Custom Membrane Switches feature discrete icon and key ring back lighting in a package that is 0.081" thick, depending upon configuration. Engineered to OEM requirements, these thin-profile membrane switches are totally sealed, the back lights provide uniform brightness in any color, without hot spots, and can be positioned on 0.787" centerline spacing.

Offered in sizes from 1" up to 12" sq., with custom graphics and die-cuts, EASTPRINT Custom Membrane Switches can be designed to conform to ASTM specifications for electrical and environmental output; and IP-67 requirements. Applications include appliances, avionics, consumer electronics, electrical, industrial controls, instruments, and medical and laboratory equipment.

EASTPRINT Custom Membrane Switches are priced according to design specifications and quantity. Quotations are available upon request.

About EASTPRINT Incorporated

Founded in 1980, EASTPRINT is a leading producer of custom keyboard assemblies utilizing membrane switch technology. Their solutions oriented approach, engineering expertise, and breadth of capabilities allows them to meet the most challenging project requirements for membrane switch assemblies, PCB-based keypad assemblies, turnkey front panels, and the integration of rotary and slide switches in thin-film packages.

EASTPRINT's engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities enable the company to provide turnkey contract manufacturing services to outsource-oriented companies seeking the production of complete front panel assemblies from the development and production of customized electronic circuitry to the delivery of finished front panels in machined, cast or molded housings. In addition, EASTPRINT is a value-added manufacturer of front panels incorporating patented and proprietary technologies from Duraswitch Industries and Rafi GmbH & Company, as well as from rubber keypad molders and other manufacturers.

Eastprint has manufacturing facilities in North America which comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards for medical OEM's and ITAR for U.S. Department of State programs. They also have a plant in Juarez, Mexico which is recognized as a Low Labor Cost facility and has an impeccable record of quality and delivery performance to major OEM's.

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