RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2011) - Green Charge Networks, a leader in smart grid and green technology, today announced the launch of their new GreenStationproduct offering. GreenStation is an energy storage and management device operated directly by commercial facilities such as grocery and convenience stores, fast-food chains, hotels, parking garages and hotels. GreenStation locally stores energy during periods of low use and augments grid power with stored energy during peak demand. This avoids usage peaks that cause expensive charges on the electricity bill, while enabling value adds such as electric vehicle (EV) charging.

"While the majority of energy management companies force changes in energy usage patterns, for example by regulating store temperature remotely, GreenStation uses the natural highs and lows in energy usage patterns of any facility to its own benefit," said Ron Prosser, President and CEO of Green Charge Networks. "By providing demand response on previously dispersed, fixed and difficult-to-manage loads, GreenStation avoids demand charges that can range between $12 and $20 per kW of power. This significantly reduces the monthly electric bill."

Additionally, GreenStation also avoids last-mile electric grid infrastructure upgrade costs. As such, electric utilities benefit by maximizing efficiency in existing infrastructure assets and deferment of large capital expenditures. "Utilities around the country are starting to experience the effect of growing EV adoption," explains Vic Shao, CTO of Green Charge Networks. "Often, the increase in electrical load is necessitating upgrades ranging from the electrical panels to the transformer itself. Infrastructure upgrades involving utility transformers could easily exceed $20,000 for one location. With GreenStation, not only are these kinds of upgrades unnecessary, but EV charging becomes reality while saving money throughout the system."

In addition to storing energy during usage lows, GreenStation can also store energy from renewable generation, such as solar and wind. "We strongly believe in the use of green energy where possible," added Prosser. "By tying in GreenStation to photovoltaic systems or combined heat and power units (CHPs) we can further alleviate ever-growing demand on the grid."

GreenStation is offered in fixed and mobile configurations. The mobile unit is especially suited for businesses with extreme energy usage patterns such as ball parks, concert halls or movie theaters. GreenStation Mobile is the ideal solution to provide grid support for temporary, high-demand energy needs and EV charging at any location.

Green Charge Networks designed GreenStation with the technical support of Con Edison of New York under a smart grid demonstration project funded by the Department of Energy."

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Green Charge Networks (GCN), a leader in smart grid and green technology, develops and operates intelligent systems to accommodate local demand for electricity under existing generation and storage capacity restraints. Working with utility companies as well as public and private sector organizations, GCN is equipping the nation with advanced technologies to reduce energy spending and achieve increased efficiency. Our technology uses existing grid infrastructure and enables value-adds such as electric vehicle (EV) charging. GCN is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., with offices in San Francisco and Huntington Beach, Calif. Learn more at GreenChargeNet.com.

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