RAMSEN, GERMANY--(Marketwire - Jul 19, 2011) - Today the DerKeiler GmbH has made the Internet project semanticus.info publicly available. Different from existing dictionaries and encyclopedias, this free website offers not only definitions of words, but also illustrates the relationships between the terms themselves.

"The idea to develop semanticus came to me as I was searching for a word relating to the topic of finance. Although I found numerous definitions in the commonly known dictionaries, it was not clear which word is used in the context I was searching for," said managing director Ulrich Keil.

Precisely this is the approach http://semanticus.info takes and by doing so is not trying to compete with established dictionaries, but rather to supplement them.

More than five million terms are not just briefly and succinctly explained, but the contexts in which the search term can be found are also presented in a clear manner.

If a search is done for the word "bacon," all the possible meanings of the word are explained. This way, the searcher can learn that along with being a type of food, there is also a monk, a philosopher, and an asteroid named "Bacon."

If you read the detailed information about "bacon" as a kind of food, the definition here comes first followed by additional explanation that bacon is a part of a hog and, among other things, belongs to the category "meat." Furthermore, subcategories of the term are presented which show that bacon is used in Canadian cuisine and that there is an "International Bacon Day."

It is possible to quickly discover all the contexts associated with the search term, but the entries invite the reader to browse at length because semanticus.info makes reference to a vast amount of background information on the words, persons, places, businesses, etc.

A special aspect of the project is the application logic which underlies the website. In contrast to almost all other Web 2.0 pages, Common Lisp, a computer language more than 50 years old from the field of artificial intelligence, was chosen to make the complexity of the website manageable.

About DerKeiler GmbH: Since 2001 the company develops and operates Internet projects for the general public. The most well-known project is derkeiler.com, one of the oldest and most extensive Usenet archives and many millions of visitors per month.