TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 21, 2011) - The OFL is today calling on federal and provincial governments to instruct their legal departments to use every possible remedy, including criminal charges, against IQT Solutions, its directors and officers as a result of the company's conduct that has deprived 1200 Canadian workers of their wages, benefits and severance.

"We want to see them using every power they have available to them, including a freeze on company and personal assets, to ensure that workers receive everything owed them," says OFL President Sid Ryan.

Last week's shutdown of IQT Solutions Inc.'s call centre operations in Oshawa, Laval and Trois-Rivieres, Que., has devastated the lives of workers and created turmoil for the communities in which they operated.

In the longer term, the OFL is pressing for Criminal Code of Canada provisions, similar to those in C-45 (the Westray Bill) that enables prosecution, imprisonment and/or substantial fines for corporate executives, directors and managers who act wrongfully or negligently if a worker is killed or seriously injured.

"What they have done appears to be nothing less than fraudulent. How did this company get a foothold in Canada in the first place? Who is minding the store?" asks Ryan.

"The complete impunity with which many U.S. companies flout Canadian and provincial regulations, requirements and legal obligations is scandalous," says Ryan.

"It totally exposes the underbelly of the Harper government's lack of any cogent industrial or economic strategy. There is no strategy and Canadians are paying a steep price."

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