MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 28, 2011) - Totango, provider of a real-time customer usage analysis platform for SaaS applications, today announced that it has secured $3.8 million in Series A financing led by Pitango Venture Capital which joined existing investor Gemini. The company also launched the public beta of its online service, which provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies insight into how their customers or prospects are using their services. While Totango's longer-term vision encompasses addressing the entire customer lifecycle, its initial offering focuses on sales, allowing sales teams to increase their effectiveness based on what prospects are actually doing on the service.

Increasingly companies interact with their customers online, including the delivery and the use of products. Totango is leading a new wave in software that analyzes in real-time customer and prospect usage within SaaS applications to provide sales people invaluable information in qualifying prospects and managing customer conversations.

While many tools exist to help manage online leads, once prospects become customers, SaaS companies generally lack the ability to gain insight into their behavior during the trial period, the remainder of the sales lifecycle, and after they have become paying customers.

With Totango, sales and customer success teams get a holistic view of which individuals are using their services, how they are using the service, and how often they use it. This critical customer information is presented within the sales team's existing CRM tools. With this added visibility, sales teams can be more effective at increasing free trial conversions, lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing customer retention, renewals and upgrades.

Key Features

  • Progress tracking for opportunities - Track the actual progress of a prospect during evaluation, of a new customer during ramp-up and of a mature customer over time, and understand their engagement. Get the status of any opportunity at a glance;
  • Fast filtering and segmentation - Segment opportunities and customers in the pipeline based on their usage profile (what they are doing, which activities/modules are being used, when, how many people, how frequent, how much time is spent);
  • Personalized daily digest - Reflects opportunity status per sales rep (on track/off track), and actions that should be taken to improve the chances of a sale;
  • Account activity page - Detailed activity information for a specific account through its entire usage life-cycle (up/down trends, progress);
  • Notifications and alerts - For immediate engagement based on customer status changes and usage as it happens;
  • Integration with native applications - Totango data is available in Salesforce when sales teams need it and with the tools they work with every day;
  • Activity stream - Real-time tracking of customer usage of a service during and after a trial, with ability to drill-down to account and user levels (meaningful business activities - not clicks and page views).

Supporting Quotes

Guy Nirpaz, CEO and Co-Founder of Totango: "Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered via cloud computing has changed the way customers and businesses interact. Totango increases the lifetime value of any customer, while reducing customer acquisition cost. I am pleased that our new venture partner, Pitango, and returning backer Gemini have the confidence in our technology, strategy and first-rate technical team to solve this important business problem."

Zack Urlocker, COO of Zendesk: "Totango lets us stay on top of things, so that we not only analyze the information after the fact, but act on it when it makes a difference."

Rona Segev-Gal, General Partner at Pitango Venture Capital: "Totango's solution lets SaaS companies know exactly who is using their services, what they're doing, and how often they use it. This gives sales people invaluable information in qualifying prospects and prioritizing the people to contact who are most likely to buy or renew. Totango represents a new, exciting market, and this team is well positioned to execute on it."

Adi Pundak-Mintz, General Partner at Gemini Ventures: "SaaS is here to stay. The interaction models between customers and businesses are only going to get more sophisticated and complex, and the best way for SaaS businesses to be successful is going to be to really provide excellent service to their customers. Totango provides the ability to cater to each and every customer individually and I think they have great potential to become leaders in this market."

SaaS or online subscription companies interested in trying Totango, can sign up today for a free beta at

Online Resources

  • Read the Totango blog for more about today's announcement
  • Signup for a beta account of Totango
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Totango ( provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies the unique ability to understand their customers in real-time. By monitoring customer engagement as it happens, Totango gives SaaS companies valuable information and actionable insight to reduce customer acquisition costs and lower customer churn. Totango is backed by Gemini Israel Funds and Pitango Venture Capital.

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