OPTIZMO: Building for the Future of Suppression List Management

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Aug 3, 2011) - OPTIZMO Technologies launched two new, cutting-edge Suppression List Management applications in the second quarter of this year -- SMS Suppression Manager® and Creative Distribution Manager®. With the rapid growth of SMS marketing abuse as well as the need to streamline complex campaign distribution procedures, OPTIZMO™ set out to develop solutions.

Why SMS? -- SMS (Short Message Service) a.k.a. texting, is not a new form of communication but it is one of the fastest growing marketing mediums available today. Similar to email prior to CAN-SPAM laws, SMS data is subject to substantial amounts of abuse. OPTIZMO's risk management software, SMS Suppression Manager®, aims to protect the consumer and the sender alike by providing easy-to-use features to securely collect, add, and store SMS opt-out requests while also providing the ability to encrypt the data prior to distribution.

Portio Research states (January 2011):

  • 311 million users of mobile instant messaging (IM) in 2010, expected to triple by 2015.
  • 480 million users of mobile email in 2010, expected to quadruple by 2015.
  • Worldwide mobile messaging market will be worth over US$200 billion in 2011 reaching US$335 billion by 2015.

Want More Time? -- OPTIZMO's Creative Distribution Manager® streamlines the creative distribution process by packaging both the campaign creative and the suppression files together in one place via the OPTIZMO interface. Not only does it reduce internal workload, but by having these processes combined, manual Mailer editing errors are eliminated as the system automatically inserts the opt-out links into the creative. This efficient approach to creative distribution not only provides peace-of-mind for the Advertiser but a time-saving process for both parties.

Senior Email Specialist, Michelle Attilio, at EducationDynamics says, "Due to our increased need to ensure that Mailers are sending compliant email offers to their users, OPTIZMO's Creative Distribution Manager® will be a huge help to us. Through this new feature, we will not only have greater control over the creatives a mailer has access to, thus reducing the risk of an old or non-compliant creative being sent, but also the ability to minimize the margin of error."

In for the Long Haul -- With unique and forward-thinking product offerings on their roster and significant development plans for the remainder of 2011, OPTIZMO™ continues to look for new ways to enhance security and efficiency within the email compliance industry. By continually pushing the envelope in next-generation data management and automation software, they have established themselves as the go-to email compliance company.

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