MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwire - Aug 11, 2011) - Two of the hottest trends in retail -- the rise of value shopping and the use of ambient scent to create a more pleasant atmosphere for customers -- are coming together at over 40 stores in southeastern Wisconsin and metropolitan Chicago. But the retailer now rolling out Prolitec, Inc.'s ( ambient-scenting technologies is neither a fashion tenant at the mall nor a big-box warehouse out on the strip -- it is a 92-year-old, non-profit organization, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc.

Following tests in four locations, Goodwill is now initiating Prolitec ambient scenting services in all 44 of its stores in Wisconsin and Illinois. All locations, which include four under construction or in the process of opening, will utilize a signature scent featuring hints of sweet orange and honeysuckle, custom-designed by Milwaukee-based Prolitec to create a clean, crisp atmosphere.

"Scent is a big part of the store environment and the overall shopping experience, but creating a pleasant scent experience in thrift stores can be a bit more challenging than the norm," said Billie Torrentt, vice president of stores at Goodwill. "We put a lot of pride into our stores and strive to make our shopping experience similar to mainstream retail."

By installing Prolitec's ambient scenting services, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin is bringing its in-store environments even closer to the retail mainstream. While expansion plans have ground to a near-halt at many chains, Goodwill's revamped thrift stores have been growing and attracting the attention of major landlords across North America. The organization's Milwaukee-based agency is riding this wave. "We are in growth mode and looking for opportunities to expand," Torrentt said.

"As someone who has spent over 17 years working with many of the world's largest retail brands, I am extremely impressed with what Goodwill is doing with its store environments," said Craig Carman, Prolitec Senior VP, Sales. "By adding ambient scenting, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin has now taken the customer experience to the next level, joining the ranks of some of the world's leading specialty retailers."

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin chose Prolitec after a nine-month competitive trial which included two other scent companies. "We picked Prolitec because of their superior system performance, the scent they developed and excellent field support," explained Gary Fenzl, purchasing manager at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin. "We also liked Prolitec's innovative technology. Because the scent delivery systems are computer-controlled and fully serviced by Prolitec technicians, our staff does not need to do anything."

A leader in safe and environmentally sensitive scenting, Prolitec's patented technology delivers a uniform scent impact with an ultra-low quantity of fragrance in the air -- less than one molecule in every 1 million.

No stranger to Goodwill's mission, Prolitec employs workers with disadvantages and disabilities through Goodwill TalentBridge, a full-service staffing agency with four locations in southeastern Wisconsin and metropolitan Chicago. "Goodwill workers do assembly work in our facility on Canal Street in Milwaukee," said Jesus Torres, Prolitec VP of Finance. "Prolitec is thrilled to support Goodwill's mission, of course, but we have been even more thrilled with the preparedness and positive attitudes of the people brought to us by TalentBridge.

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