PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Aug 16, 2011) - Rocketing costs, from gas, to coffee, beef, and cotton, is forcing consumers to cut back on expenses and reach for store brands. According to a recent survey by Acosta Sales and Marketing, Jacksonville, FL, 41% of shoppers say that nearly half of all purchases are now private label.

Innovative retailers like Rite Aid Corporation, Spartan Stores, and Wegmans have found ways to pass even greater savings on to their shoppers by using e-sourcing in their procurement processes.

"I don't think it is an accident that those retailers who tend to be very successful in their PL business are also very successful in their overall business. Intesource provides retailers the opportunity to make sure that they are bringing their customers the best possible value on the best possible products," said Marianne Timmons, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Supply Chain 2020. "Intesource's services and e-sourcing platform makes it efficient for retailers to survey the landscape of what is available including new PL products and value added packaging that meets sustainability objectives. In the past, PL programs tended to be static, but Intesource makes it easy for retailers to stay on top of the latest developments and bring the best possible products and packaging to their customers at the best possible price."

In fact, utilizing Intesource's full-service e-Sourcing solutions has saved an average of 18% when purchasing private label goods for grocery, health and beauty, general merchandise, and virtually every department throughout the enterprise.

Food Non Food Health & Beauty General Merchandise
Bottled Water - 29% Aluminum Foil - 20% Cotton Products - 44% Batteries - 42%
Canned Fruit - 25% Cleaners - 18% First Aid - 25% Back to School - 22%
Juice - 18% Cups & Plates - 16% Hand Soap - 38% Holiday Items - 23%
Nuts & Mints - 43% Facial Tissue - 31% Vitamins - 26% Office Tape - 20%

Sample Private Label Savings through e-Sourcing

Other retailers that have partnered with Intesource include Harris Teeter, Meijer, Price Chopper, and Weis Markets, to name a few. Nash Finch Company, one of the largest distributors in the food retail industry, also uses the company's full-service sourcing solutions and services.

The Intesource e-Sourcing Suite features an all-inclusive, full-service approach. It is customizable and allows for complete transparency and control through every step of the process. The suite contains e-negotiation tools and the associated support services that allow users to become productive within weeks. Intesource also offers contract management and vendor management tools and services designed specifically for the procurement professional.

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Intesource, Inc. is a provider of web-based e-sourcing solutions and services including reverse auctions, vendor management, and contract management. Serving market leaders in the retail industry, the company delivers superior technology backed by industry-leading, full-service support. Intesource's enterprise solutions integrate with existing processes to deliver high impact results -- a 30% improvement in sourcing efficiencies and 18% reduction in the cost of goods and operating expenses. For additional information, visit

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