SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 18, 2011) - CommerceTel Corporation (OTCBB: MFON), an award-winning provider of proprietary mobile marketing technologies and solutions, announced today that it has been awarded patent #7,991,388 B1 for an invention that exploits key capabilities of smart phones to authenticate the identity of the smart phone user.

Typical electronic authentication methods have predominantly centered around a fragile combination of usernames and passwords. CommerceTel's patented invention combines a mobile phone's camera, text messaging, geo-location, and accelerometer features to produce a robust process in authenticating an end user's identity. One possible application for the invention might include logging into an online banking account utilizing your mobile phone instead of entering in a username and password. Since the invention requires authentication on the mobile phone, any venue that may be sensitive to identity, such as security checkpoints, or ATM machines, could utilize the technology.

"Industry projections forecast the global cyber security market growing to an $80.02 billion industry," commented Dennis Becker, CEO of CommerceTel. "The first step in addressing cyber security is authentication of identity. What we've done with this patented solution is introduce the unique advantages of the mobile platform to take identity verification to a whole new level."

The patented claims include combining facial recognition with other data points generated from the mobile phone such as location and spatial orientation of the device. By combining these data points, a seamless authentication process is produced that extends well beyond the existing approach of usernames and passwords.

"Traditional username and password authentication systems are one dimensional in that they rely solely on textual information exchanged via one network, the Internet," said Alex Shah, Chief Technology Officer of CommerceTel. "Our invention goes well beyond this to include physical attributes, such as facial features, and operates off of multiple networks including carrier SMS and data networks."

The company is developing working prototypes incorporating the invention for identification and authentication solutions in the banking, healthcare, and gaming industries, and intends on deploying commercial applications in the marketplace by early 2012.

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CommerceTel is an award-winning provider of proprietary mobile marketing technologies and the inventor of C4, a unique, enterprise-grade platform empowering brands to engage mobile consumers via multiple channels. The only system of its kind, C4 is a cloud-based solution providing broad mobile communications and extensive CRM features. It is integrated with multiple tier-one PSTN/IP carriers and micropayment processing facilities as well as with carrier premium SMS billing systems. Customers include CNN, Disney, Sony Pictures, AT&T, Verizon, USA Network, numerous professional sports franchises, the Golf Channel, and NBC Universal.

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