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Cellphones. Tablets. Laptops. Netbooks. Mobile Devices. The constant stream of stimuli they offer pose a profound new challenge to focusing and learning for students. But even as some parents and educators express unease about students' digital consumption habits, there is no question the benefits of these products are quickly making classrooms digitized. Across the country parents are equipping their children with computers, Internet access and mobile devices as a way to help augment the learning process in all subject areas and increase technological skill building. In doing so, parents must also find ways to reduce digital distractions, monitor computer activity and promote online safety.

"The technology itself can be a great learning tool. But how the technology is used can be a real learning distraction. It is not uncommon for students to send dozens of text messages during the school day or update their Facebook at all hours of the night. Children can also encounter inappropriate content by accident through searches," says Dan Do, Computer Manager at London Drugs.

Products and tips for monitoring and controlling use of digital devices by children include:

1) Mobicip is an App available for the iPod Touch (8GB is $248.99), iPad ($519.98 – $849.98) and iPhone (prices vary depending on plan) that has advanced content blocking and security including a YouTube filter. It also offers three pre-defined online filtering levels; high school (least restrictive but blocks adult, sexual, weapons, violence, proxy, virus and hacking sites/content), Middle school (blocks online shopping, gambling, dating, liquor, and chat sites/content in addition to the High school level restrictions) and Elementary school (blocks social networking, gaming, shopping, entertainment, clothing, and news sites/content in addition to the Middle school level restrictions). Mobicip is also available for Windows 7 and Linux.

2) Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrades ($89.99 - $174.98, included on all new PC computers) has parental control features that allow parents to limit how much time their children can spend on the computer. It also allows them to choose which programs and games are available to ensure children are safer and on task while online. By downloading Windows Live Family Safety online, parents can even generate internet activity reports.

Windows Media Center (included with Windows 7) allows parents to control what media their children can view. You can completely block access to inappropriate TV shows and movies.

3) Symantec Norton Internet Security ($29.99 – $54.99) offers Parental Control Management features that provide insight into where children go and what they do online, so parents can keep them safe, teach them good Internet habits and manage their time on the computer. Brands such as McAfee, Trend Micro and BitDefender also have parental features included in their internet security software products.

4) Linksys E3200 High Performance Dual-Band Wireless-N Router -E3200-CA ($159.99) allows parents to program restriction times for internet access. Setting healthy limits on wireless internet in the home can prevent children from using mobile devices, phones and laptops to access online chat rooms and social mediums when parents may be unavailable to monitor their use.

5) Telus Mobility Voice & Data Plans (prices vary) allow parents to log onto their children's accounts to see who they are texting and calling and, more importantly, when. By monitoring this parents can identify inappropriate use during school or evening hours.

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