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Amika Mobile competed and will be awarded a contract by the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program to deliver its emergency mass notification capability to the Government of Canada's Communications Research Center (CRC). CRC will use the Amika Mobility Server (AMS) as the basis of its CRC Public Alerting System for its campus.

AMS receives either user-directed input or sensor events from disparate physical systems such as access control, cameras and fire panels. It then delivers targeted or en masse alerts over its 10 alerting layers to mobile phones, TV monitors, VoIP phones, desktops, Twitter, RSS Feeds, etc. The AMS has been in a limited operational trial at CRC for a few months. Its unique auto-discovery of directories and devices has recently been leveraged by the CRC electronic fire and security team to evacuate several targeted areas on the widely distributed campus, which has over 25 buildings and hosts several government departments.

"We are pleased to partner with Amika Mobile and demonstrate this technology to other federal departments and agencies," said Dr. Jean Luc Bérubé, President of the Communications Research Centre. "We will have a system that helps ensure the safety and security of employees, and the continuity of their research for government clients. At the same time, this innovative company can showcase its technology in an operational environment and other government departments can evaluate it."

"This is an incredible opportunity for our team and products as Amika Mobile has been pre-qualified as an innovator and leader since CICP reviewers chose only 7% of the companies from the 375 respondents to the RFP. We are especially excited to work with CRC with its multi-disciplinary communications expertise combined with its responsibility for the security and safety of the Shirleys Bay Campus." said Amika Mobile CEO Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima.

About Amika Mobile

Amika Mobile is privately held and specializes in emergency mass notification solutions. The Amika Mobility Server ensures people are found in an emergency due to its unique auto-discovery capability, which finds anyone on the wired or wireless network even if they are not pre-registered in a database. This product is ideal for airports, sports arenas, shopping centers and any campus with visitors. Database pre-registration is described as the Achilles' heel of emergency mass notification systems. The AMS alerts over WiFi, SMS, Email, VoIP, PA systems, Message Boards and the Web including Twitter, RSS Feeds and Facebook. Emergency alerts are ideal for those concerned with public safety as per FEMA's directives for emergency notification systems. Amika Mobile has won 12 awards. Amika Mobile sells products through partners and system integrators and it OEMs to service providers and platform vendors focusing on North America and Europe with later expansion to Asia. All copyrights, trademarks and trade names are property of Amika Mobile. See

About CRC

Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) is the federal government's primary laboratory for research and development in advanced telecommunications, and a centre of excellence in information and communications technologies. Its capabilities cover satellite communications, terrestrial wireless, multimedia, broadcasting and broadband networks. CRC is part of Industry Canada's Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications (SITT) sector. It is also the custodian of the Shirleys Bay campus, a secure facility located in Ottawa's west end that comprises multiple laboratories of the Government of Canada. See

About CICP

Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP) was launched in 2010 and is a $40-million program to help deliver innovative products and services from business labs into the Government of Canada department marketplace in four priority areas: Safety & Security, Environment, Health and Technology. See

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