AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - IT EXPO (BOOTH #1019) -- WildPackets, Inc. (, a leading provider of network and application performance analysis solutions, today announced the public beta release of Compass Live, an easy-to-use, real-time interactive dashboard for analyzing wired and wireless networks. Compass Live has the unique ability to display key network statistics in real-time, as well as perform post-incident network analysis across days or even weeks from WireShark (pcap) and OmniPeek (pkt) packet trace files.

Compass Live allows network administrators to easily identify bandwidth issues by user or application and gain a complete understanding of an application's network bandwidth requirements. In real-time mode, Compass Live can capture from multiple wired and wireless adapters simultaneously, and display network activity. Additionally, wired and wireless packet trace files can be aggregated into Compass Live to display and correlate traffic across multiple network segments.

"Compass Live helps me navigate through trace files with efficiency and certainty. It's a great tool for visualizing network activity from trace files captured by other protocol analyzers," said Tony Fortunato, senior network performance specialist at The Technology Firm. "This year, I'm adding Compass Live to my online videos and onsite training classes as I find it an intuitive, interactive, and highly visual tool, which gives my students an easy-user interface to learn and use."

"Compass Live distinguishes itself by providing visualization of wired and wireless networks in real-time, with the ability to instantly add and remove nodes, protocols, and signal strength and correlate these over different time periods," said Tony Barbagallo, vice president of marketing at WildPackets. "With Compass Live, network engineers can take real-time slices of network traffic information and quickly pinpoint network performance bottlenecks."

In addition, Compass Live offers reporting for both real-time monitoring and post-capture insight. You can generate HTML reports per real-time monitoring capture, per file, or per project, based on the network statistics.

In July, WildPackets launched a free version of Compass (Compass Free) available for download at Compass Live offers these additional capabilities:

  • Real-time mode for rapid analysis of live network traffic
  • Aggregated packet trace file analysis for long-term historical reporting and analysis
  • Real-time wireless signal strength graphing and analysis
  • Dynamic multi-level drilldown of nodes and protocols

The public beta for Compass Live extends to October 31, 2011, and is available at Compass Live 1.0 will be available November 15th, 2011 for an introductory price of $495 in the United States. For more information visit

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