DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - GE Energy (NYSE: GE) today announced a broad portfolio of Retrofit Power Systems (RPS) designed to accelerate energy efficiency upgrades across telecom outside plants, cell sites and central offices. The new Retrofit Power Systems help carriers cost-effectively achieve their sustainability objectives through Total Efficiency™ technology estimated to save over a billion kilowatt hours annually by reducing telecom power consumption and cooling costs.

"While the promise of reducing energy loss by 50-plus percent and utility bills by 15-20 percent is very enticing, the thought of having to replace the entire power system is not," says Dan Ludwick, GM of GE Energy's Telecom Energy Systems business. "Retrofit Power Systems achieve the efficiency improvements and utility savings, while enabling legacy telecom DC power plants to be upgraded to modern rectifiers and controller technology, leaving the distribution, shelves and frame in place."

Traditional approaches to telecom power plant energy efficiency upgrades often require complete replacement of the entire power system -- an expensive, capital intensive and time consuming endeavor. The new Retrofit Power Systems from GE Energy allow existing installations to experience all the benefits of switching to Total Efficiency™ Switch Mode Rectifiers with minimal cost and disruption, while preserving existing cabling and distribution investments. RPS configurations are available to retrofit deployed telecom energy systems from AT&T, Delta, Emerson, Lineage Power, Lorain, Lucent, PECO II and Tyco Electronics.

In addition, equipment leasing financial options available through GE Capital ensure telecoms can optimize their CAPEX budget, while in many cases funding the monthly lease payment from the utility savings achieved by upgrading legacy DC telecom energy systems. A Cost of Power™ calculator demonstrates how Total Efficiency investments may deliver 1-2 year return on investment payback periods.

The mobile Internet and the optical networks that support it continue to expand and accelerate to service seemingly insatiable subscriber demand for more real-time video, voice and data information. Telecom carriers, wireless operators, Internet service providers and cable broadband operators convert electricity from commercial grid alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). GE Energy's Retrofit Power Systems achieve energy efficiency approaching 97 percent during the AC-DC conversion process, thus saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Information technology and telecommunications facilities account for approximately 120 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually -- or 3 percent of all U.S. electricity use.


GE Energy Retrofit Power Systems are approved for deployment with contract pricing at AT&T, CenturyLink, FairPoint, Frontier, Verizon and other service providers. Ready-to-ship configurations of the RPS power plants, with associated professional services and training, can be rapidly deployed within weeks at outside plant, cell site and central office facilities. For more information please visit www.ge.com/lineagepower or call 877-LINEAGE or +1 972 244 WATT.

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