STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwire - Sep 14, 2011) - As Business Performance Management (BPM) marks ten years of widespread adoption, BPM Partners, the leading independent authority on BPM solutions, is reflecting on an evolving industry. The team has spent the last decade guiding performance management users and charting the industry's progress. In that time, there have been significant changes in the economic and business environment. Performance Management, to its credit, has not only stayed relevant, but continued to expand. It is an essential component of performance optimization in leading companies from around the world.

"Ten years ago, analysts and marketers disagreed on the specific term -- Business Performance Management (BPM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) -- but everyone saw the same thing, tools with the ability to unlock a business' potential and drive success," stated Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners. "In the past ten years, we've moved from finance and IT-driven projects to strategic BPM initiatives that permeate an entire organization."

Schiff continued, "Over the coming year, we plan to release a number of tools, historical analysis and updates that will help businesses make the most of their Business Performance Management solutions, no matter what stage of implementation they are in. For those still on the sidelines, we are offering programs that reduce what we often find to be the initial barrier to entry: risk and cost. Companies that leverage BPM Partners' practical expertise, including a decade's worth of research and industry analyses, can more readily move forward with the solutions that best fit their needs today and tomorrow."

The BPM Partners team has been instrumental in driving BPM's significant evolution over the past 10 years:

Then: Budgeting was a clumsy, once-a-year process, consuming months
Now: Continuous budgeting and rolling forecasts

Then: Primarily internal reporting with public companies providing 10K, 10Q and tax information. US GAAP.
Now: Complex external reporting, SOX reporting, multi-GAAP, IFRS, XBRL

Then: Consolidations performed only at the corporate level, working from faxes or files sent to headquarters. Information was entered into a spreadsheet to provide a consolidated view.
Now: Consolidated entity, drill down, standard forecasts on global basis, with ownership and accountability

Companies can download the latest BPM Pulse whitepaper to understand how companies are using BPM today and what they would like to see the next decade bring. Follow BPM Partners on Twitter to be the first to learn about special tenth anniversary programs for both new adopters and existing users, as well as historical analyses and tools to help business users get the most out of their BPM initiative.

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BPM Partners is the leading independent authority on business performance management (BPM) and related business intelligence solutions. The company helps organizations address their budgeting, planning, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, profitability optimization, key performance indicator (KPI) development, and operational performance challenges with vendor-neutral experts who provide a full range of services designed to ensure success by reducing risk and minimizing costs. BPM Partners has fixed price packages that lead clients through project justification and definition, technology evaluation and implementation, as well as financial and performance process optimization for departmental or enterprise-wide performance management systems. For further details, go to Follow BPM Partners on Twitter @BPMTeam.

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