SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 6, 2011) - BrightRoll, the leading provider of digital video advertising services, today announced the launch of TAG™, its Total Audience Guarantee for campaigns run on the BrightRoll network. The first-of-its-kind program gives digital video advertisers the ability to pay only for the impressions that actually reach their target audiences.

"As more of our clients look to allocate portions of their TV budget to online video, it's essential that we not only hit their target audience, but do so in a way that is consistent with their broadcast campaigns," said Doug Wyatt, Digital Associate Director, Maxus. "We've had great success with BrightRoll in the past, which is why I'm excited to see TAG™ in action. It's definitely the kind of tool that will help to further bridge the gap between online video buying and traditional television buys, and demonstrate to advertisers that we're able to reach our precise audiences efficiently and effectively."

With TAG™, advertisers know how many impressions will reach target audiences before a campaign begins. BrightRoll then delivers the campaign at scale, targeting 100% of the guaranteed impressions to the advertiser's audience. Post campaign, advertisers receive confirmation of impression delivery through comScore's AdEffx Campaign Essentials. TAG™ is available for segments based on age, gender and geographic data. Delivery of each TAG™ campaign is optimized to the specified audience through a combination of targeting methods and data providers using BrightRoll's BRIQ™ technology platform.

"Utilizing our Campaign Essentials reporting within BrightRoll's new TAG™ program is a commitment to move digital video advertising forward by helping advertisers more accurately and easily confirm the audience reached by their campaigns," said Graham Mudd, comScore Vice President of Search & Media. "The ability to reach highly targeted audiences has long been the calling card of online advertising and this moves toward making online audience buying comparable to television."

"By providing an audience guarantee, we are bridging the gap between traditional television buying and online video," said BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti. "We see this as a huge step toward making it not just easy, but a no-brainer for advertisers to move campaign dollars online with confidence."

TAG™ is available with all BrightRoll online ad units. Included as part of each TAG™ campaign, BrightRoll sponsors all reporting and research costs for the guarantee.

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