TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 24, 2011) - For the third consecutive year, Govan Brown has reaffirmed its commitment to Queen Victoria Public School, an inner-city school located in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood.

"It was our employees who decided that they wanted to contribute in a way where they could get personally involved," said Ralph Govan, Partner, Govan Brown & Associates Ltd. "They identified Queen Victoria Public School and had some ideas of how they could help. They contacted the school principal and it grew from there."

Principal David Finkelstein remembers the call well. "The timing was perfect. We had been trying to determine where we might get some community support and the next day I got the call from Govan Brown. They came to us with open arms. I couldn't have asked for more."

Today Govan Brown partners with Queen Victoria Public School on a number of initiatives including the Reading Readiness Program where Govan Brown volunteers go to the school once a week to read with students in a one-on-one format, with a focus on students for whom English is a second language. This extra attention gives students an audience to read to and with which greatly helps students improve their reading skills.

The company also funds the Morning Meal Snack Program, which ensures that every student gets a great start to the day with a nutritious meal.

New programs include the Spoon Drive, which aims to replace over 4,000 plastic spoons used every week with metal spoons. This will not only reduce real waste, but also provide a learning lesson, encouraging students to think about their own impact on the environment.

The Backpack Program will provide donations of backpacks, complete with school supplies to newcomer students on an as-needed basis.

Govan Brown partner John Brown, sums up the company's involvement with Queen Victoria Public School. "It was important for us that we contribute financially and volunteer personally as well. We like to say that we don't just build workplaces, we build communities. This is our proof. I know we benefit from this as much as the students."

Govan Brown is also committed to other charities in their community including The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ontario, Breast Cancer Society of Canada, Habitat for Humanity, The Stop Community Food Centre, Ronald McDonald House, CanFar, Lupus Flare Foundation, Second Harvest and Camp Oochigeas.

About Govan Brown

Govan Brown is an established leader in the construction management industry. In Canada, we have helped create an industry that is now recognized for its efficiency in the management of complex construction projects. "When we started Govan Brown in 1994, we saw a real need for a new type of construction management firm," said Ralph Govan, Partner, Govan Brown & Associates Ltd. "I'm very pleased that the industry has embraced this model and given us this opportunity to thrive."

The company was founded in 1994 by Ralph Govan and John Brown. In 2003, Jon Taylor joined as the third partner. The company has approximately 130 field and office staff and completes about $180 million a year of corporate office fit-ups. Since its inception over 17 years ago, they have completed over 20 million square feet of client projects across Canada.

Govan Brown is the only Canadian national interiors construction manager with offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver and Victoria with its headquarters in Toronto.

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