PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - People Power Company, a green technology startup focusing on energy efficiency solutions, today announced new, free open source tools that open its Energy Services Platform (ESP) to all device developers. The Internet of Things Software Developers Kit unveiled today allows users to quickly and easily connect any device to support energy management initiatives through the People Power ESP.

"We are swiftly moving from a world with five billion connected computers to a future where a hundred billion sensors in the Internet of Things will go places the Internet never dreamed of," said Gene Wang, CEO of People Power Co. "People Power is excited to take part in this rapid change that truly leverages the power of the crowd because developers everywhere can more quickly and easily connect their devices to monitor and control their power consumption. We want to spur innovation and empower developers to create better solutions that bring the Smart Grid to the next level of usability."

Since its inception, People Power has been dedicated to driving forward the development of open source technology. Open source designs and implementations can be used as a vehicle to move the Smart Grid market forward by serving as a point of convergence in a space where ideas evolve quickly. Smart devices can regulate electrical grids, optimize energy use in residential and commercial properties and reduce waste in every appliance and consumer electronic. By providing tools and opening ESP's interfaces to third party developers, People Power expects that the power of the crowd will accelerate the deployment of energy efficiency.

Professor Banny Banerjee of Stanford University's Design Program and founder of the Design for Change Lab recognizes the importance of this move. "People Power is developing an open source platform to connect devices to their deep and versatile energy saving platform. This has the potential to bring about a genuine revolution in the nexus between energy and information, resulting in a whole range of energy-based services and efficiency measures. Their open source architecture is something that the energy feedback community has been waiting for."

People Power's Energy Services Platform also supports the Electrical Power Research Institute's Common Information Model for Smart Grids. The launch of People Power's open source platform now makes it possible for any third party measurement or control device to convey, store and manage their information on the People Power ESP via the Common Information Model. The Common Information Model enables ESP to interpret a wide range of native energy measurements into a common lexicon that can be shared with end-users, enabling customers to more easily access important energy management information.

By launching an open source Internet of Things Software Developers Kit (IOT SDK) People Power will also make it easier for developers to leverage their energy management cloud services and software applications. The IOT SDK is now available for download and review at

About People Power Company
People Power Company is a leading provider of cloud-based energy management software and hardware to electronic device manufacturers and IT service providers. The company delivers technology that enables residential and commercial end-users to see, understand and control their energy use. People Power's open Energy Service Platform (ESP) makes sense of vast and complicated real-time information from energy consuming and generating devices and smart grid data. ESP uses behavioral science to provide insight, choice and easy controls that maximize customers' lifestyle or business demands, anywhere, anytime. Based in Palo Alto California, People Power has received funding from New Cycle Capital, Greener Capital and other investors. For more information visit:

About the Stanford University Design Program and Design for Change
Professor Banny Banerjee helps shape the design field at Stanford University's Design Program, through a unique approach to human centered innovation. He is the founder of the Design for Change Lab, which is aimed at directing design thinking towards creating a strategic paradigms that bring about rapid changes in some of the larger problems facing mankind, such as energy, climate change, water and global health. For more information visit:

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