SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - Finding great apps for your iPhone, iPod or iPad just got a LOT easier. Imaginary Feet, a developer of web and mobile applications for iOS, today announced -- a social network for apps.

200 new apps will be released into the Apple App Store before you eat lunch. By the time you go to bed tonight, another 300 apps will join the flood of 500,000 apps. Now, with, you no longer have to spend time slogging through thousands of apps -- the apps will come to you! sorts and shifts through the clutter and finds the very best apps for you based on what your friends are using and what people like you are downloading. is a free, web-based platform that "automagically" finds relevant apps for you by using the magic of Apple's iCloud to show what real people are downloading to their iPhone in real time. It is simple, easy and never takes a break for lunch.

App Discovery is Broken

App stores and app discovery sites are typically large, impersonal app repositories where your only means of finding new apps come from sales trends, awkward searches, or recommendation engines that do not deliver relevant results. Stores only provide comments and reviews from strangers -- not a trusted source -- and they can't fully leverage their social spheres. Other discovery services don't provide personalization, users only see what is popular overall or what is on a specific friend's device. is App Discovery Done Right, on the other hand, is a smart recommendation engine utilizing your social sphere to deliver accurate and relevant app suggestions. users get a personalized experience based on their complete persona, including interests and connections. For example, users won't have to search through random photo apps, they will get recommendations for the ones photographers use! is simple. After getting an invite from a friend through Facebook, you sign up and start crosswalking. As the only app discovery platform that leverages the new iCloud, adds a level of reliability and accuracy that has previously not been available. Expand your social sphere by following people based on their self-identifying tags, friends from Facebook and Gmail, or by searching the overall community.

In addition to the platform for consumers, developers can get in on the action with a developer platform that will launch later this year. For the first time, developers will get an in-depth look at how customers are accessing their apps, other apps being purchased, and how apps are performing, while also having a place to answer customer questions.

"We wanted to leverage what matters most to you -- the people you care about -- to create a new way to find apps," said Thomas McLeod, president and co-founder of Imaginary Feet. "And we aimed to not only create a social and seamless user experience, but also a new way for developers to see which of their apps are being used, which aren't -- and why. It will open a new door to the app cycle from developer to user, and a new era of how apps are created and discovered."

Key Features

In the community, users enjoy features including:

  • Crossing Guards - has already attracted some influential users including leaders in gaming and photography, allowing users to see what apps they're using and apps they suggest
  • That's My Phone! - with a nifty, customizable mocked up iPhone or iPad, users can show off their apps to people inside and outside the community
  • What's Hot, Now - is a hot index for mobile apps, it tracks the buzz of what's trending right now
  • Apps, Just the Way You Like It - categories, description and pictures of the apps are taken right from the Apple App Store, is just creating a more fun, relatable experience
  • Hide It! - have an app (or two) that you don't want the whole world to see? It's easy to hide anything you don't want to share

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About Imaginary Feet
Imaginary Feet is an innovative team of engineers and web designers that develop a broad range of web and mobile applications for iOS. The Imaginary Feet applications have topped more than a quarter of a million downloads, and their popular content management system, pagelime, is powering more than 20,000 sites. Its latest service allows users to connect with their friends and experts to discover the latest apps that are relevant to them and will provide app developers with a new platform to receive rich data on their apps and an opportunity to communicate directly with their customers.

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