DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Nov 16, 2011) - OnTerra Systems (, a technology leader in Web mapping, fleet optimization, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration solutions and services, today introduced LocatorSavvy -- an affordable new tool that speeds up the process of developing store or business locators for retail and hospitality chains, and any business that needs to help customers find their nearest business location or product.

LocatorSavvy is available in three versions: 1) LocatorSavvy Online: An affordable, online, subscription-based store locator application, 2) LocatorSavvy Framework: A technology platform that provides the software tools to develop a store locator application that "lives" inside a company's firewall; and 3) LocatorSavvy Mobile: A sample mobile app for Windows 7 smart phones that shows how the technology works.

LocatorSavvy Online is an affordable, Software As A Service (SaaS) store locator application hosted by OnTerra Systems. Businesses can sign up for this service at LocatorSavvy Online provides a fast, easy way for retail and hospitality chains, or any business that needs to help its customers find their locations, to obtain an affordable store locator application that can be logo'd and branded.

Businesses pay an initial, one-time cost of $250 to apply their company logo & graphics to the application, upload the store information into the application, and then it is linked to their Web site via iFrames. Once the initial $250 set-up cost has been paid, the LocatorSavvy service costs $35/month.

LocatorSavvy Framework is for businesses that want their store or business locator to live inside their firewall. In these instances, OnTerra Systems' LocatorSavvy technology platform is used to develop a standalone application that interfaces with a company's Web site. LocatorSavvy Framework is available through OnTerra Systems and requires a custom quote.

LocatorSavvy Mobile is a sample mobile app that runs on Windows 7 smart phones. This sample app provides a simple demo on how a mobile LocatorSavvy solution could be built for mobile phones. It can be accessed at:

LocatorSavvy Offers Significant Advantages
Over Other Store Locator Technologies

  • Flexibility -- LocatorSavvy can "live" in the cloud, in the customer's network, on mobile devices, etc.
  • Multiple data Storage Options -- Locator data also can reside in the cloud or on your network
  • Multiple Design Templates -- There are multiple options for choosing how to display your store locator data
  • Easy Integration -- LocatorSavvy synchs with your Web site quickly and easily using iFrame

Customers Find LocatorSavvy Fast and Easy To Use

LocatorSavvy was developed for high functionality and ease of use, both for businesses that need to load their information into the LocatorSavvy application -- and for the customers of businesses who ultimately will be using the store locator. "With LocatorSavvy, it took me very little time at all to get our list of retailers up and displayed on the store locator," said Heather Braem, Operations Manager, ZIG Eyewear.

"Development efforts can be time-consuming and expensive. LocatorSavvy technology from OnTerra Systems offers a way for retail & hospitality chains, and other businesses with multiple locations, to quickly and easily implement a powerful, user-friendly store locator," said Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems president and co-founder.

"A company's Web site is the new storefront, and businesses that don't have a store locator are at a real disadvantage," said Patrick Campbell, OnTerra Systems chief operating officer and co-founder. "A store locator is no longer a 'nice-to-have' item: it's the entry point for doing business."

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