SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 17, 2011) - Free Range Content (FRC) today announced that over one hundred thousand articles can now be syndicated online through its new and robust Global Content Network. Launching with material from Agence France Presse (AFP), GlobalPost, NewsLook, and more than 500 other online publications. The Global Content Network is the newest asset in FRC's instant syndication platform, Repost.Us, which makes whole articles (including multimedia) embeddable -- just like video.

The Repost.Us Global Content Network and instant syndication platform provides news organizations, media companies, and independent bloggers with a simple web tool to make their work available to other publishers for syndication as well as find and republish affordable, high-quality content on their own sites. Repost.Us makes Internet syndication fast and easy, opening up a new and unlimited global market for the open exchange of content across the entire web.

Historically, content syndication has required one-on-one contact with sales people to negotiate a single deal. This means that publishers limit their reach and revenue by focusing only on large or well-known outlets. Opening up digital content to any website, large or small, is key to growing the news and publishing business and being successful online.

"Instant syndication is an easy, cost-effective way for content creators to generate greater reach and revenue," said John Pettitt, founder and CEO of Free Range Content, adding, "Why limit yourself to the same 250 publishers you already know when there are over 250 million other websites out there? With Repost.Us we make it possible for an entire article to go viral -- not just the video. Since our launch in March 2011, Repost.Us has generated as much as a 42% increase in page views for syndicated content."

The Repost.Us content network is changing online syndication with a new way to safely and comprehensively deliver content on the web. It is an ideal solution for any 'digital first' strategy and creates even more new opportunities for content to be legally distributed around the world.

People actively copy and paste:
Everyone -- from content creators and publishers to advertisers and readers -- benefits from instant syndication. Statistics accumulated by FRC over the last year and a half indicate that 15% of the time people who copy and paste online content to other websites repost at least half of every article. Furthermore, almost 6% utilize virtually an entire article, and they do so without proper attribution or remuneration.

How it works:
Repost.Us is the portal to the new Global Content Network, where anyone can access and syndicate copy worldwide. Syndicators can search the network by keywords, publisher, title, author, date, and even price point (e.g., flat fee, tiered pricing, ad supported, or free). Content creators set their own syndication terms, including pricing, advertising rates, and geographic specifics. Additionally, every syndicated copy of an article or story includes the option to further re-publish it from website to website ad infinitum, giving every published article the potential to go viral.

Repost.Us offers multiple monetization models including free, ad supported, flat fee, and tiered pricing based on the number of page views. Many publishers make their content available for free simply to increase reach and build their brand.

"The Repost.Us Global Content Network makes it easy for us to syndicate original international news articles to smaller publishers at the affordable rate," said Dave Underhill, director of syndication, GlobalPost. "This solution makes our content accessible to millions of websites, which may not have previously known about our content nor been able to republish our articles."

About Free Range Content
Founded in January of 2010, Free Range Content, Inc., Inc. creates products and services that maximize the reach and revenue of digital content. In addition to the Repost.Us beta platform, Free Range Content also established Curate.Us, a tool that allows users to create visually compelling clips and quotes of web content that are easily embedded in blog posts, email, forums and websites. Free Range Content is led by CEO John Pettitt, founder of Cybersource and the original The team has a cumulative 70 years of engineering and 100 years of content creation and publishing experience. For more information, visit

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