NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 17, 2011) - Logicworks today announced the launch of infiniCloud PowerCluster, a service specifically designed for large-scale cloud computing customers. infiniCloud PowerCluster, or simply "PowerCluster," is a bulk computing package that combines the company's popular infiniCloud service with private cloud resources creating a dedicated grid of compute nodes in a Private Availability Zone.

"Large-scale consumers of commodity cloud services like Amazon Web Services have realized that what appears to be a cost-effective solution at first becomes very expensive at scale with steep learning curves and frustrating ongoing operating requirements," said Kenneth Ziegler, President and Chief Operating Officer, Logicworks. "We developed PowerCluster to provide the business flexibility these customers expect without sacrificing the economies of scale that they deserve at their level of spend."

Public clouds have difficulty reaching the performance or reliability that most power users require. By offering a bulk private cloud package that reserves high-density server resources for a single client, PowerCluster customers will benefit on both price and performance. Logicworks' expertise in managing complex hosting environments will help customers benefit from proven technologies and prevent vendor lock-in associated with proprietary public cloud software tools.

"Our amazing growth in digital and business transformation has redefined the requirements we need in our hosting provider. The move to Logicworks provided over 40% per year savings compared to our former provider," said Robin Keller, Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media, American Media. "In addition to these savings, the high-touch managed services and support we require provide at least $10,000 in monthly productivity gains internally because we no longer have to monitor our infrastructure 'round the clock and we are not locked-in to unorthodox infrastructure delivery tools."

PowerCluster clients will also have access to Logicworks' enterprise-grade monitoring and management tools and can leverage the proactive support of our qualified engineering team if and when they choose to. PowerCluster also includes EMC Isilon storage for peace of mind and scalable performance. For customers who choose to maintain certain functions at AWS, Logicworks will provide a direct connection to EC2 and S3 via Equinix and AboveNet.

Combining dedicated resources, economies of scale and the flexibility of cloud resources, infiniCloud PowerCluster creates a Private Availability Zone perfect for critical SaaS applications, digital media or applications with compliant hosting requirements such as PCI or HIPPA.

For additional information about the new infiniCloud PowerCluster service from Logicworks, call 866-FOR-LOGIC or visit

About Logicworks: Logicworks provides cloud computing and managed hosting to some of the world's most popular websites and applications for clients including Dow Jones, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Orion Health, and Logicworks offers a range of solutions such as pay-by-the-hour public cloud service with options for migration to private clouds; complex managed hosting; and enterprise solutions. Logicworks also provides custom solutions focused on content delivery, managed database services, and compliant hosting. Contact Logicworks at 866-FOR-LOGIC or visit

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