BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - Nov 18, 2011) - What's in a "Like"? Facebook Pages are great for brands to broadcast ideas, but haven't been the best place for collecting customer insights and feedback. To help brands get the most from their Facebook Fans, Napkin Labs is launching a free Brainstorm Facebook app.

Napkin Labs is all about turning passive fans into an active workforce for new insights and ideas. The new Brainstorm app gives companies a free and easy way to get feedback from fans on lots of things, like testing out new ideas, designing (or redesigning) products or even collecting insights to change the way things are done altogether. As customers contribute to a Brainstorm, their likes and comments will be broadcast across Facebook, making the app a great way for companies to build social buzz and attract new fans.

"At Modify, we are always looking for ways to engage our community -- through watch naming, design and color ideas, even feedback on our marketing and branding approach," said Aaron Schwartz, founder and CEO of leading interchangeable watch brand Modify. "With the Brainstorm Facebook app our ModiFamily can collectively build on each other's ideas and keep the conversations unified, providing fully developed, actionable suggestions online."

Here's how companies can turn Facebook fans into idea machines:

  • In one click, install the free Brainstorm App to your fan page.
  • Set up a Brainstorm in minutes: add a brainstorm question and customize with branding and images, or select a pre-built brainstorm instead.
  • Leave the brainstorm as is, or turn it into an idea contest by adding time and reward details. Your call!
  • Begin the brainstorm and let your customers' voices be heard!

"Most companies use social media to react to customers, but we're trying to flip that model," said Riley Gibson, CEO of Napkin Labs. "The Brainstorm app brings engaging with customers on Facebook to a whole new level, because it gives companies a really simple way to proactively ask for suggestions and ideas right within their Facebook pages. The Netflix fiasco is a great example of what companies can avoid by using Facebook to get feedback from customers."

Ready to transform passive fans into active fans, make haters become lovers, and turn customers into innovation gold? Head to, install the FREE Napkin Labs Brainstorm app (no Napkin Labs subscription is required!) and experience the glory of customer innovation.

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Napkin Labs makes your social networks more valuable by turning passive fans into an active workforce for new insights and ideas. We used to be agency people, and saw that focus groups are expensive and inefficient in the age of social media. So we created a new kind of service that helps companies bring their existing online communities into a virtual lab space where they can test out concepts and designs, ask questions, and brainstorm new ideas. Creating something new is as easy as inviting customers in at Customers can also help shape the future of brands they love and earn cash along the way by joining our Idea Lab at

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