WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2011) - Librestream, the leader in real-time mobile video collaboration, announced a breakthrough called Onsight TeamLink within its Onsight Version 5.0 collaboration platform. Onsight TeamLink delivers a unique methodology that overcomes firewall issues while maintaining a high quality experience. Operational teams can now call from a customer or supplier location and connect to internal experts located around the world without having to involve IT. As long as they can browse the Internet, they can connect an Onsight call across various locations.

"The Onsight V5.0 platform focuses on simplifying and expanding the overall collaboration experience with innovations such as Onsight TeamLink," stated Kerry Thacher, CEO Librestream. "Initially many enterprises used Onsight to connect their own engineering and operational teams, but this traditional use case has quickly expanded to include collaboration across the value chain. Commercial enterprises want to collaborate directly with suppliers and customers, which introduces new obstacles such as firewalls. We've removed these obstacles to make Onsight collaboration sessions happen from anywhere," he added.

In addition to Onsight TeamLink, Version 5.0 includes features such as the ability to connect an Onsight mobile device to a guest WiFi network. The Onsight Expert desktop collaboration software was also streamlined providing a simpler single user interface and new features. The features include an acoustic echo cancellation module to enhance the audio experience, the ability to email files, and store expanded keywords for Onsight recordings and images. The Onsight Management Suite centralized administration solution was also enhanced to support these new capabilities.

About Librestream

Librestream Technologies Inc. is the leader in developing innovative mobile collaboration solutions for manufacturing, energy and healthcare enterprises. With its patented Onsight mobile collaboration solution, Librestream extends traditional video conferencing and collaboration services to connect workers from any location at any time – This Changes Everything. For more information, visit

Onsight connects workers to suppliers, team members, patients, or customers in an instant and drives collaboration with live video, 2-way audio and 2-way telestration from the Onsight handheld, wireless video device. Through the Onsight Expert desktop software, teams can collaborate with distant locations to quickly solve problems, monitor projects and improve communication within an organization or with key suppliers. Using Onsight, customers achieve a positive return on their investment through increased productivity and equipment uptime, reduced travel costs, and better customer service.

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