LANSING, MI--(Marketwire - Nov 21, 2011) - In his new book, "God and the Philosophy of Explanation" (, James W. Peterson examines why people are motivated to embrace religion.

A retired engineer, Peterson began examining his own spirituality and religious beliefs 20 years ago as he struggled to make sense of the death of his 10-year-old daughter from heart failure. That launched a quest to understand the influence of religious beliefs in times of tragedy.

Peterson dissects religious dogma and philosophical theories for insight into what motivates people to embrace religion. He concludes that people embrace religion because it makes them feel empowered, not only to cope with loss and sorrow, but to solve real-world problems, and feel happy and productive.

"If you consider yourself a religious person, you may have di�culty with what I lay out in this book," Peterson writes. "You will, however, find that I am very honest. This honesty will challenge your current intellectual bias, causing you to reevaluate the central premises behind why you think the way you do and, therefore, do and say the things you do."

About James W. Peterson

James W. Peterson is a retired mechanical engineer for GMC and real estate executive whose journey as an everyman philosopher began with the death of his daughter and a 20-year quest to understand the depths of his grief and anger. Now retired with his wife of 45 years, he lives in Okemos, Mich.

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