SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 21, 2011) - In his debut novel "Between Lions and Lambs" (, author N.T. McQueen takes readers into the lives of the painfully conflicted men leading a mega-televangelism ministry.

Ezekiel Clemens is struggling to maintain the façade of the enterprise he spent decades building, even as his private life slips farther and farther from the moral values he preaches. His longtime sidekick and publicist, the man who hides his boss's transgressions at no small cost to his own conscience, is Gerald Lambough.

An insightful and provocative read for those who've watched the rise and fall of real-life televangelists such as Jim Bakker, McQueen's novel gets emotional traction by making Clemens a sometimes sympathetic character. Readers explore the forces that shaped him as they travel back in time to relive his troubled childhood with his own preacher father and the early years of his faith-healing ministry.

"Ezekiel is neither good nor evil -- neither a lion nor a lamb," McQueen says. "Like so many of us, he's in between. He begins his ministry as a faith healer with all sincerity and intentions of doing the right thing. But his unresolved issues from the past haunt him -- and hurt him."

McQueen takes readers along on Clemens' journey of redemption while exploring the mechanics of structured religion.

"Between Lions & Lambs" is published by City Hill Publishing, a new California publishing house that specializes in first-time authors offering fresh perspectives on contemporary issues.

About N.T. McQueen

N.T. McQueen is a graduate of California State University-Sacramento, where he majored in American literature. He's currently pursuing a master's in creative writing while working for the university system. He lives in Northern California with his wife and two children.

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