LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 21, 2011) - Internet Brands Health today announced that it has partnered with Treato.com to implement Treato search technology on two of its flagship health discussion websites. The partnership launches today on eHealthForum (www.ehealthforum.com) and HealthBoards (www.healthboards.com), two of the largest health-related community sites on the Internet.

Treato analyzes billions of health-related discussions across the Internet to help patients draw meaningful conclusions based on the experiences of others. The partnership with Internet Brands Health enables users to easily search thousands of health-related eHealthForum and HealthBoards discussions to quickly narrow in on the most appropriate and helpful conversations.

"When it comes to dealing with health issues, talking to others in the same situation and learning about their experiences is incredibly powerful," said Michael Egan, SVP and General Manager of Internet Brands Health. "Thousands of these conversations happen every day on our websites, and Treato has built a remarkable product that brings these dialogues right to the forefront for our users."

"With a countless number of health related discussions online, it is viable to get the big picture of what patients are saying altogether," said Gideon Mantel, CEO of First Life Research, the company that developed Treato. "Internet Brands Health has built a unique place for patient conversations, and Treato adds the aggregated voice of the patient to these conversations. "

About Internet Brands Health

Internet Brands Health is the health-focused vertical of Internet Brands, Inc (www.internetbrands.com). Internet Brands Health's portfolio of websites provides expert information and discussions related to fitness, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, beauty, medical conditions and procedures. More information about Internet Brands Health can be found at http://www.internetbrands.com/our-brands/health/.

About Treato

Developed by First Life Research, Treato™ is a new source of medical information based on real life experiences of patients. Treato analyzes patient discussions about drugs and medical conditions on blogs and forums, aggregating them into a single, clear and highly accessible knowledge base. Since its launch on September 2011, over a billion patient discussions were already analyzed, generating the aggregated patients' voice for the very first time. Treato is available to the public at www.treato.com.

Contact Information:

Joe Ewaskiw
Internet Brands, Inc.

Michal Tamir
First Life Research LTD