VANCOUVER, WA--(Marketwire - Nov 23, 2011) - In Vancouver, Washington, employees of Ryonet Corporation -- a screen printing supply, equipment and training company -- are gearing up for Cyber Monday. How? By memorizing their lines, making last minute adjustments with wardrobe and makeup and practicing their robot dance steps.

Anticipating both the sale and the spectacle are the company's 88,000 customers, ranging in size from small hobbyists to large screen printing shops all over the world. Many of them rely on Ryonet's YouTube videos for education -- as well as for occasional entertainment.

"Education is the cornerstone of our video strategy and the key to our success," explains Ryan Moor, President and CEO of Ryonet Corporation. "Our slogan 'supplying your success' wouldn't work without the videos we produce, most of which are geared to the specific needs and problems of customers."

The company's relationship with YouTube began in 2007 when a customer posted some of Ryonet's DVD training videos online, driving traffic to Ryonet's site, and generating orders. Now, nearly 600 videos and five million views later, Ryonet dedicates two full-time salaries to spinning screen printing savvy into YouTube gold.

Moor and his video team offer the following advice to other businesses seeking to use YouTube to grow sales, build customer loyalty and generate referrals:

  • Be consistent
    YouTube's own statistics show that users upload 48 hours of video every minute -- nearly eight years of content every day and the equivalent of 240,000 full-length films every week. Posting one or two videos and expecting them to go viral isn't realistic. "Producing and posting content consistently is what pays off," says Moor.

  • Keep it human
    Professionalism is good, stuffiness is not. "Too many companies forget the human element," explains Moor. "They're boring their customers and themselves." A company needs to make sure that the personality of its people comes across as well as the quality of its products. For Ryonet, humor is key: "The more seriously we take ourselves, the less of a response we get from our viewers."

  • Skip the commercial
    Commercials might sell a few products, but their views fade quickly. YouTube viewers expect to get useful information and/or be entertained. Creativity -- not a hard sell -- is what drives viewer engagement.

  • Plan & Promote
    It's not enough to post a video on YouTube, you need to promote it through the channels that are relevant to your target audience (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Considering that YouTube is the number two search engine, Moor adds that "you need to properly title, describe and tag your videos for SEO." Ryonet has intentionally increased its online exposure through the power of search engine results -- Google puts a large emphasis on video and when optimized and tagged correctly, videos rank high for searched terms.

"Thanks to video, Ryonet has greater visibility, more traffic, lower advertising costs, longer page visits and lowered tech the need for support," states Moor. "It has allowed us to connect with customers as if we are there in person."

About Ryonet Corporation
Established in 2004, Ryonet Corporation is the largest supplier of quality screen printing supplies, equipment and training to large organizations, independent business owners and hobbyists. More information at and

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