CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 24, 2011) - Payment is the very essence of commerce... getting paid should be as easy as possible. Vogogo, the easy to use, online payment service has rolled-out across Canada. With a focus on convenience, effective tools and security, Vogogo believes that getting paid should be simple and hassle free.

More and more transactions in today's marketplace have been automated; however, many business segments are still unable to effectively utilize online payments and continued to rely on cash and checks for payment. Small and medium sized businesses make up a big part of the 900 Million checks written annually in Canada.

Vogogo enables these under serviced market segments to take advantage of accepting online payments. Technical expertise is not required; Vogogo is quick and free to setup, there are no monthly fees, contracts, or service fees. Users are charged per transaction and Vogogo can be utilized regardless of business type, size, or history.

With multiple electronic payment options, Vogogo users have the convenience and the flexibility to use the payment method that works best for them. Vogogo's payment options include: eCheck, a direct debit of a customer's bank account, similar in action to a paper check but in electronic form. Electronic Bill Pay, users receive payments from their customers via their online banking. Credit Card, Vogogo currently accepts Visa and Mastercard. Peer-to-Peer, account to account transfer of funds within the Vogogo platform.

The foundation of Vogogo is its transaction engine, which has been built to include efficient settlement, reporting, and high transaction volume capability. Additionally, Vogogo has developed tools with industry specific functionality to efficiently enable sectors to streamline their business payment practices.

VogogoBiz, designed for business owners, provides business owners with electronic invoicing and quoting with the ability to easily accept payments from their customers. VogogoRent, designed for Property Management, enables Property Managers to manage their tenants, properties and their associated payments with flexible payment schedules.

Commenting on Vogogo, Co-Founder Geoff Gordon said, "We know how challenging it can be for a small business or a new venture to get paid. That's why we developed Vogogo as a simple web application that can be utilized from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone with access to the Internet. We wanted to solve a business's main pain points when it comes to payments. With that in mind, we designed Vogogo to be more than just an online Credit Card machine. We offer multiple payment options and we included the Biz and Rent tools to help specific market segments easily utilize the service. We've had a number of organizations in private beta over the past seven months and now we're looking forward to helping the wider Canadian market solve their payment headaches."

To sign-up for a Vogogo account go to, all you need is a bank account to start accepting payments.

Notes to editors:

Vogogo is a web based e-payment service application created by Redfall Technologies. Based in North America, Vogogo is easily accessible and provides its users with greater functionality. The web system's low barrier to entry further differentiates Vogogo from current payment services and software programs, as it is run completely online and is accessible to users from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access. Furthermore, the service does not necessitate an in-depth user application process - Vogogo calls for minimal business requirements to participate and has no sign-up fees. @vogogo

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