Patent Issued on Ergothioneine Use in Foods and Beverages

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STEVENSON, Wash., Dec. 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc (OTCBB:ERGO) (TNS) announced today that its patent Application No. 2,680,223, "Use of Ergothioneine as a Preservative in Foods and Beverages" has been allowed in The Nation of Canada. The patent claims include but are not limited to a method of preserving a food, beverage or medicine with L-Ergothioneine (Ergo), where Ergo replaces an antioxidant composition, antimicrobial composition, and/or sulfur dioxide preservatives. The use claims apply to the preservation of canned, frozen, dried, or fresh fruits, vegetables, red and white wine, beer, baked goods, fruit juices, butter, meats, pet foods, cosmetics, medicines, and even petroleum and rubber products. Similar patent applications are pending in the United States and the European Union.

Ergo is an amino acid that is made in few organisms, notably filamentous fungi (mushrooms), and is considered a "master antioxidant". Ergo is an electron donor that has been shown to neutralize free radicals and the oxidation processes that lead to cell death and the introduction of harmful toxins and chemicals to foods and beverages. TNS has shown that the addition of a synthetic or extracted Ergo can slow the rate of spoilage and extend the shelf life of products. Flavor is also enhanced when our 100% Organic ErgoD2™ mushroom-based formulations are used. Mushrooms have been shown to stimulate the sense of Umami, a deliciously savory fifth taste quality (besides sweet, sour, bitter, and salty), which was discovered in the late 1800's by the great French chef Auguste Escoffier. It is now known that humans have receptors for Umami, which is produced by several amino acids and nucleotides (such as glutamate and aspartate). TNS believes that its ErgoD2™ formulations can be a cost effective and healthier alternative to monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other chemical additives that are currently being used for flavor enhancement around the world.

"Longer lasting freshness, taste, and nutrition is the holy grail of the food and beverage industries," stated Marvin S. Hausman MD, CEO of TNS. "From fruit juices, to pasta sauces, to the meals ready to eat (MREs) for our military, this important patent opens a significant new market opportunity for our Company and our customers." A report from Leatherhead Food Research showed the global market for food preservatives reached $1.35 billion in 2010 and industry analysts see increasing demand from emerging markets in the coming years. Global demand for MSG in 2010 was 2.16 million tons according to Ajinomoto of Japan, the world's largest MSG manufacturer.

On November 7, 2011, TNS announced that it would be seeking shareholder approval at its upcoming annual stockholders meeting on December 19 to change the Company's name to Entia Biosciences, Inc., as part of its strategy of repositioning its business into the emerging institutional markets for food science biotechnology and nutrigenomics. The Ergothioneine food and beverage preservation patent is the first of the Company's many patent applications to issue and was invented by Dr. Hausman and Robert B. Beelman, Ph.D. Other patent applications awaiting approvals cover a number of health-related uses for ErgoD2™, including neurodegenerative disease (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's), traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and anemia and metabolic syndrome (diabetes).

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