MONTREAL--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2011) - Woozworld (, a massively multiplayer user-generated social game for tweens and teens (ages nine - 14), announced today that it has beta launched its complete social network, WoozIn, to its already immensely popular site, where there are more than 15 million unique visitors from over 180 countries. Now, users from all over the world who are unable to use Facebook because of their age have a place to commune, providing a truly relevant experience.

"We know that tweens and teens are aspirational by nature, so what we are offering them with WoozIn is their own social network where they can communicate with like-minded and -aged people," said Eric Brassard, CEO of Woozworld. "This is what truly makes WoozIn different than any other social network, as we provide life and personality to each Woozworld avatar. Basically, we are melding a virtual world and social network -- it's like Facebook meets Second Life."

Woozworld users access WoozIn in a completely safe environment; in fact, Woozworld grants the first true online and COPPA-compliant virtual identity for teen and tweens. With this new social network, Woozens can:

  • Connect with their real and online friends
  • Feed a now incredibly complete virtual identity
  • Share, comment and like their friends' updates, pictures, videos and more
  • Follow their favorite Stars and get in touch with them
  • Show their achievements and virtual spaces

Woozworld is an online place where tweens and teens build entire worlds to creatively engage with their peers, build businesses or set up restaurants, hotels and games as they choose, with their imaginations being their only limit.

Woozworld users continue to rise to the challenge:

  • Woozworld users play an average of 50 minutes per day
  • There are more than 8 million avatars created in Woozworld
  • Woozworld has over 16 million user-generated virtual spaces
  • Woozworld's user-base has tripled in the last 10 months

Woozworld, recently named one of the top-20 most innovative companies in Canada by the Canadian Innovation Exchange, continues to dedicate itself to creating a safe gaming environment that tweens can enjoy and parents can trust. Targeted for children ages nine to 14, Woozworld provides an engaging and interactive experience by allowing members to create their own world where they can fashion their own characters, make new Woozworld friends, and conduct virtual businesses. All personal information is protected, and Woozworld strictly conforms to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

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Woozworld Inc. is a developer and operator of virtual worlds. Its flagship product,, is an innovative global web 2.0 virtual world for tweens that is built and led by its users. Its unique environment evolves continuously and allows users to create space, run activities and do business, among countless other things. The company has a highly experienced team with exceptional credentials in producing casual games, MMOG and virtual worlds for kids, as well as in marketing and business intelligence.

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