TALLAHASSEE, FL--(Marketwire - Jan 17, 2012) - As part of an initiative to strengthen and expand its marketability, eLayaway, Inc. (OTCQB: ELAY) (OTCBB: ELAY), today announced it is expanding its corporate brand structure to create a more streamlined and effective sales strategy. Through the formation of a new wholly owned subsidiary named DivvyTech Systems, Inc. ("DivvyTech"), the Company will improve its ability to communicate its core strengths and support a broader market with payment solutions beyond layaway. DivvyTech will manage eLayaway, Inc.'s proprietary payment technology that currently powers eLayaway's various brands.

"DivvyTech is developing breakthrough payment technologies," said Sergio Pinon, Chief Executive Officer of ELAY and DivvyTech. "Thanks to the flexibility built into our core technology, we are able to enhance existing payment processes and create new, innovative ones."

By leveraging and diversifying the technology built to support the automation and management of scheduled installment payments, DivvyTech will be able to provide customizable payment solutions to retailers, healthcare providers, financial institutions, leasing companies, collection agencies, payment processors and the travel industry. Additionally, distributors and manufacturers will benefit from DivvyTech's logistic solutions, which are currently under development to help improve supply-chain management efficiencies. DivvyTech will be a B2B payment technology company, while the brands it manages will serve the consumer, small business, middle market and enterprise-level companies.

"This new branding strategy will enhance our sales and marketing efforts by expanding our reach and properly communicating the difference between the technology and the products and solutions it supports," stated Sue Jones, Chief Operating Officer of ELAY and DivvyTech.

About eLayaway, Inc. and DivvyTech Systems, Inc.
DivvyTech Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of eLayaway, Inc., develops automated payment solutions designed to support layaway, leasing, micro-lending, layaway-credit hybrids and credit denial conversion programs. DivvyTech is responsible for managing eLayaway.com, eLayawaySPORTS.com, eLayawayHEATH.com, eLayawayTRAVEL.com, eLayawayMALL.com and eApartado.com. The Company has offices in Tallahassee, FL, Salt Lake City, UT, and Portland, OR.

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