TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 23, 2012) - Phoenix Advisory Partners (Phoenix) has launched Insta-vote™, a new service that allows issuers to significantly increase voting participation in securityholder meetings.

Insta-vote is a proactive outreach service targeting both registered and non-objecting beneficial owners (NOBOs). An outbound telephone call is placed to a securityholder and a vote is lodged instantaneously with securityholder consent.

"This is yet another way for our clients to connect with their securityholders," said Glenn G. Keeling, Partner at Phoenix Canada. "In particular, the Insta-vote solution will ensure greater participation and engage retail holders, which is often quite challenging for issuers."

Phoenix Canada is a division of Canadian Stock Transfer Company Inc. (CST), a leading provider of transfer agent and employee plan services. Holder participation in corporate events requiring a vote typically falls between 5% and 10%. The Insta-vote service relieves holders from having to initiate the voting process, resulting in participation well beyond what would be registered via traditional methods.

"We are excited to offer clients a service that directly maximizes vote participation rates - simply, conveniently and instantaneously," added Mark C. Healy, CST's President and Chief Executive Officer. "As Canada's foremost corporate governance and solicitation firm, our ongoing focus is proactively developing solutions that benefit issuers, their stakeholders and other advisors."

About Phoenix Advisory Partners

Phoenix Advisory Partners is a leading cross-border provider of proxy solicitation and corporate governance advisory services with offices in Canada and the United States. Phoenix Canada is a division of Canadian Stock Transfer Company Inc. (CST) and part of the Link Group, an international network of best in class providers of registry services and technology to financial market participants in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

About CST

Headquartered in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver, CST provides issuers global solutions through local access points. Formerly the Issuer Services business of CIBC Mellon, CST joined American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC (AST) to form the North American division of the Link Group. Together this division provides service to over 8,000 public issues and more than 6.7 million shareholders in over 22 foreign countries, ranging in size from initial public offerings to Fortune 100 companies.

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