WOOD DALE, IL--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2012) - For many, the New Year brings resolutions, a fresh outlook and a sense of new beginnings. It can also bring holiday bills and concerns about how to bring the family budget back in line. Small business ownership with fashion jewelry direct seller lia sophia has provided a way for women to contribute to their family's financial security while developing new skills and self confidence. Current lia sophia Managers encourage other women who want to increase the family paycheck, explore new personal goals, or both, to consider small business ownership in 2012.

"Small businesses are key contributors to America's economy," said lia sophia Vice President of Marketing Rashida Poorman. "And owning a small business can also be the key to an individual's or a family's financial security. lia sophia Advisors can set their goals on a full-time earning opportunity or a part-time outlet for their creative and business abilities that will also contribute to the family paycheck."

Women make up almost 82 percent of the more than 16 million direct sellers nationwide, according to a 2010 survey from the Direct Selling Association (http://www.dsa.org/research/industry-statistics/). Personal care items, including jewelry, account for more than 19 percent of this 28.5 billion dollar industry, even though more than 90 percent of direct sellers spend less than 30 hours a week at their jobs. "All of these factors make an established direct seller like lia sophia an ideal option for women looking for a new challenge with real income potential," says Poorman.

Whether a woman is a stay-at-home caregiver for children or an elderly relative, or in the workforce as a full- or part-time employee, direct selling provides a way to supplement income, meet new people, hone interpersonal skills and, in many cases, turn a personal interest or talent into a business. Small business ownership, and particularly the direct selling industry, allows a woman to invest a lot or a little time, depending upon her individual situation and financial goals. And, as her personal situation changes, so can her commitment of time and resources to her business.

"We want all of our Advisors to succeed, and we provide them not only with the tools, training and support they need but also with great incentives to keep them motivated," said Poorman. "Our Advisors are committed to their businesses, and we are committed to helping them reach their goal and achieve their dreams."

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