PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2012) - The Philadelphia personal injury attorneys of Lowenthal & Abrams, P.C. discuss cruise ship safety and liability following the recent Costa Concordia accident. The recent sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise liner off the coast of Italy has raised awareness about the potential dangers of this form of travel as well as questions about who may be held liable for tragedies such as this. Unfortunately, liability for accidents involving cruise ships can be a complicated area of the law to understand, for a number of different reasons.

In the United States, almost all companies have a responsibility to act in ways that reasonably protect their customers from harm. However, the degree of liability can vary enormously depending on the industry. Cruise companies in particular have remarkably limited liability for any injuries which may occur to their customers. Most cruise tickets have a contract attached to them which customers must agree to and which severely limits the company's liability in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, U.S. and international laws provide additional immunities from prosecution to cruise companies, making legal action more difficult.

Even in cases where the company can be held liable for injuries to passengers, it is crucial that legal action be taken as quickly as possible in order to ensure that compensation can still be received. The statute of limitations for these types of cases is remarkably short, usually a year or less, and the company must often be notified of intent to file a claim within a matter of months after the accident occurred. If you are going on a cruise, it is important to be aware of the details of your contract with the company in order to ensure that you can pursue the compensation you deserve.

The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers of Lowenthal & Abrams, P.C. are prepared to assist those who have been injured in a cruise ship accident to take legal action against the responsible party.

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