SHERMAN OAKS, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 25, 2012) - My Gym Enterprises (MGE), a leader in children's fitness, announces "The My Gym Outstanding Contributor to Children's Health & Fitness Award for 2012," designed to recognize one individual's commitment to the cause of children's health & fitness. MGE believes that this award will draw attention to the work of the nominee and the public or not-for-profit organization which he or she serves.

To identify a pool of candidates for this award, MGE is asking its Facebook and Twitter fans and followers to recommend a friend, coworker, family member or other individual in their local community who works to promote children's health and fitness at a public or not-for-profit organization. MGE will then consider these recommendations and select one individual to receive "The My Gym Outstanding Contributor to Children's Health & Fitness Award for 2012." MGE will announce the name of the Award recipient on their Facebook page ( and on Twitter ( on March 12. That recipient will, in turn, be asked to recommend a public or non-profit organization to receive a $1,000 donation of products and/or services from MGE.

"We hope that My Gym's friends and families will take the time to recommend someone they know who is working in our communities to champion this important cause," said Matthew Hendison, Chief Marketing & Entertainment Officer for My Gym Enterprises. "We believe that it's critical to encourage children to develop healthy habits early as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle as they grow."

Anyone may recommend an individual for the award by following My Gym Enterprises on Facebook or Twitter and then posting a link on My Gym Enterprises' Facebook wall or Twitter page to the public or not-for-profit organization where their nominee is an employee or volunteer. Posters are asked to include a comment with their link about why they feel this individual should receive this recognition. MGE will consider all recommendations and select the individual they believe is best qualified to be "The My Gym Outstanding Contributor to Children's Health & Fitness Award for 2012" recipient. While the number of recommendations an individual receives will influence the choice of the award recipient, it will not be the sole determining factor. In making their selection, My Gym Enterprises will consider a number of other factors including, but not limited to, the nature of the comments posted about an individual.

"We hope that 'The My Gym Outstanding Contributor to Children's Health & Fitness Award for 2012' will grow in stature over time and provide all of our local My Gym children's fitness centers with a platform to promote the ideal of selfless community service in the interest of children's health and fitness," said Hendison. "We also want to shine a light on the many public schools, charitable organizations, public service institutions and private (not-for-profit) organizations in the communities where our gyms are located that serve children's needs in the area of health & fitness."

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