EAST GREENWICH, RI--(Marketwire - Jan 25, 2012) - Woodhaven Production Company proudly announces that its Zombie Thriller, currently entitled "Infected," will hit theaters in October 2012, just in time for Halloween.

Infected, a horror/zombie thriller set in the woods of New England, centers around Terry, an absentee father (Michael Madsen), and his son Andrew (Tom DeNucci -- Inkubus, Loosies) who must fight for survival when their small, close-knit hunting group becomes infected with a virus that originated from a rabid deer they killed and consumed. This infection causes the crew, including Doctor Denehey (William Forsythe), to become homicidal and violent and gives them an insatiable, cannibalistic thirst for humans. In this modern day Night of The Living Dead, the father and son duo are forced to relinquish old friendships as their former hunting buddies become... Infected.

Producer and CEO Chad A. Verdi stated, "We are very happy about how this film is turning out and that the film has an October release date." Verdi went on to say, "When this film hits theaters it will be the third film we have produced and released within two years."

Recently, Verdi Productions, parent company of Woodhaven Production Company, announced that their latest film Loosies was sold to IFC Films and is in theaters now in New York with expansion into several other states, including Louisville, KY (2/3/12), Seattle, WA (2/3/12), Denver, CO (2/10/12), Portland, OR (2/10/12), San Diego, CA (2/10/12), and Greensboro, NC (2/17/12).

See movie reviews at the New York Times:

Verdi Productions also recently announced their withdrawal of a $1M offer to acquire Amanda Knox's life rights. Verdi withdrew the offer to focus on his next project "PAZ," now in pre-production. Verdi attached Ben Younger to write and direct "PAZ." Younger, who wrote and directed Boiler Room (Ben Affleck, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel) and Prime (Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Brian Greenberg), will be starting on "PAZ" after writing Formula One, a $150M racing film penned for Warner Brothers.

According to a recent New York Times article, actor; Tobey Maguire and directors; Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard are attached to the Formula One project.

View the promotional trailer here at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-DvvJLFuP8

Woodhaven Production Company, a subsidiary of Verdi Productions, is a fully-funded film production company covering all aspects of filmmaking from conception of script through post production.

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